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GoPro Hero4 Camera
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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Get ready for tonight (Saturday @midnight) or if you're on the East Coast then expect Sunday at 3AM as orders for the new GoPro HERO4 4K camera officially open up. While you may be planning to just pick up the HERO4 itself, there's been a few new accessories every serious GoPro shooter may want to consider to get the most out of this new camera.

For one, there's now a different style battery for the HERO4 and if it's anything like previous GoPro cameras, you'll definitely need some spare batteries. GoPro has made it very clear this battery is specific to the HERO4 so don't count on your old HERO3/+ batteries helping you out.

gopro hero 4 new battery model version spare batteryGoPro Hero4 battery spare batteries
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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With the extra batteries, you'll probably want a more convenient way of charging them. GoPro has also released a new Dual Battery Charger which can charge via USB. This charger is specific to the new HERO4 batteries.

GoPro Hero4 dual battery charger usbGoPro Dual Battery Charger Hero4 4k
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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Aside from the new battery, there's an optional external battery pack for the HERO4 (when you don't want to use the LCD) that will more than double up your run time. Handy when you can't easily swap batteries. Chances are though because this new one is backwards compatible, your older version may still work, but GoPro claims this new model offers at least 15% longer run time than the previous battery BacPac. Something to consider as this new cameras is 2x more powerful than the HERO3 and 4K video may eat up runtime.

gopro hero4 battery bacpac double batterygopro spare bacpac battery
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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Also what appears to have received an upgrade is the LCD Touch Screen Bacpac. Again if you have an older version, chances are it may work with the HERO4. I'm not sure what changes have been made exactly from the previous version, but the new model will be available at the same time the HERO4 will be released.

GoPro Hero4 LCD BacPacGoPro Hero4 Hero3 Hero3+ LCD Bacpac
GoPro Hero4 available in stock
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So if you're anything like me, i'll be online tonight trying to get my orders in. For popular items such as this, I tend to buy a little more than I need in case it sells out, and always have the option to return or sell it off if I don't need it. So who else is planning to purchase the new GoPro HERO4?



Using a 128GB Lexar SDXC card in my Sony RX100, I don't often run out space, I just run out of juice (battery power). A single Sony OEM battery for the RX100 will run you about $49.99 (seen here on Amazon) and you'll still have to use your camera as the charger rendering it useless. So I ordered this kit of (3) NP-BX1 batteries + DC134 charger for my Sony RX100 (found here on eBay).

I've had it for about a week and used them through some of my video blogs, Giants BaseBall games at the Park, and casual video shooting. The batteries work as normal, and i'm not really seeing any major difference in run times. We'll see how well they hold up after a few months, but with the 128GB SDXC card, I now have enough power in the bag with these 3 extra batteries + Battery Charger for under $30 bucks.

Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteriesSony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteries
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Caleb over at DSLRVideoShooter.com posts up a short review on a dual LP-E6 battery charger (actually it can charge other batteries too with optional plates). Besides being able to visually tell you the status of your batteries, there's also a USB out to power or charge your USB devices. While a standard Canon LP-E6 charger will already run you about $55 dollars, this dual charger with some nice fancy features will only run you about $80 bucks.


Check out this charger at DSLRVideoShooter.com (click here).

[Update] Thanks to a comment from Rob S., it appears this same battery charger with LP-E6 plates included can be found for almost half price via Amazon + Free shipping for Prime (click here).

find-price-button Dual Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 Batteries


So it was very last minute for me to get a 14v battery pack thrown together for my 352 Ring Light Steadicam project here: http://cheesycam.com/last-minute-glidecam-mods/. Now that I have a bit of time, i'm going to get off these non-pro looking RC batteries and rig up my 2 year old LP-E6 generic non-decoded batteries.

Gutting out some dirt cheap battery chargers and using them as dummy plates, i'll be able to wire two of them together and get a 14.4V power source that looks pretty snazzy. Other people have done this with just one battery to power up LCD monitors that only require 7volts. As you can see my 183 LED light normally powered from a 12V source was easily lit up with just 7V. Now setting them up together for 14.4V should suffice for many of my small items.

Since the guts are ripped out, you can use OEM Canon batteries, no need for Generic stuff, but the Generics run super super cheap too. I think i'll purchase more generic battery chargers + non-decoded batteries and have like 20 of them on hand to power up all kinds of stuff including my Ring Light and Z96 LED's.

Battery Chargers found here:
find-price-button Uber Cheap LP-E6 Generic Battery Chargers

This link has a decent deal for both a battery + charger: Both LP-E6 Generic Batteries + Charger