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Olivia gets a a run through with the newest D-Focus Follow Focus Version 3 and a sneak peek on the newly announced D-Matte DSLR Matte box that will be available from Jag35. Standard 4x4 filters will be accepted on this two stage system. One holder can rotate for Circular Polarizer use.

The D-Focus V3 is already available, and the D-Matte will be shortly following the link: Jag35 D-Matte and D-Focus Version 3

To see why the pricing on this new Matte Box could be a hit, check out the going rates for current ones below.
find-price-button Video Camera FIlter Holder Matte Boxes

Then again in the most simplest term, a Matte Box helps hold filters, and also aids in shading the glass. It is possible to get the same effect using Cokin P Series filters. These are inexpensive ways to get ND filters, gradient filters, and other creative filters in front of your lenses. Found below.

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.47.30 AM
find-price-button Cokin Square Hood Stackable Filter Holders