Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2

Finally got around to playing with the Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2 prototype. First time getting it working (somewhat). There's a procedure you need to do before throwing on something like this on your camera, so i'll need to run through the manual and get things ironed out.

Each motor has a certain amount of rotation, so you have to line up your focus and zoom rings to have enough movement either direction. There's also adjustments that can be made for how much travel will be achieved when spinning the knob for focus or moving the slider for zoom. Not enough time tonight....

5 thoughts on “Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2

  1. I'd love a remote (even wired) FF for use on my jib boom if it were not for the noise. I use external mics recording to Zoom H1's, but when the camera gets close to the talent, that motor noise is difficult to edit out during dialog (even with Adobe Audition). So far, I'm just using an 18" whip on my D|Focus.

  2. I have their wired unit. I have found that you need to not mesh the gears to tight. Just get them touching and it helps with the stepping. Do they have any idea on a release date on this? I would buy one the second they release it. I need to be wireless real bad!

  3. Steven

    Hey, cool!
    Could you please make a short video if you get rid of the stepping?
    And how you did it!


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