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Letus-Hawk-T3i (3 of 10)
Canon T3i / 600D shown with Letus Hawk VF LCD View Finder

Letus created a Hawk VF (View Finder) for the 3:2 aspect DSLR LCD's like the T2i. It so happened to fit on the Canon 60D and fits pretty nicely on the Canon T3i as well. There's a base plate that is mounted to the bottom of the camera (still supports a tripod mount), and the Hawk VF View Finder is attached through a quick release system. It's a great semi-permanent way to attach a View Finder to the T3i without the use of sticky frames. For a closer look at how that all comes together, check out the video below.


2011-03-02 15.09.57

One of the new features in the Canon T3i lets you select full Manual Audio, dial down the in-camera pre-amps, and go all JuicedLink DS214 with headphone monitoring. Damn this is so much easier than all the other random ways to control, monitor, and route incoming audio into DSLR's. If you still liked running a Dual Audio system, you can run a Zoom H1 or H4n on the output between the camera and DS214.

You can see the relative size of JL's DS214 next to the Canon T3i and Rode VideoMic Pro, all mounted on a (gratuitous product shot) of the Juicedlink Accessory bracket. It's such a simple looking setup, but you've got control over the Rode VideoMic with -10db, 0db, and +20db, and then you have a Low / High Gain features in the JuicedLink DS214, along with incoming Right and Left Levels adjustment, and finally piping that into the T3i Manual Audio controls...


Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (2)

Canon-T3i_LetusCage-900LED (1)

Because the 900 LED panels can be battery powered, it's fairly easy to use this as a portable On-Camera video light. Here it's shown mounted on the Letus DSLR Cage with Canon T3i + 18-55mm IS II lens. I'm just kidding..it's a joke people. Don't get too serious about this post. You all know I would never be seriously caught going out with this type of setup. I mean, who can take the 18-55mm stock lens seriously? LOL. Now to mount this to a shoulder rig...yeah..now we're talking.. (kidding guys..kidding)

900-500-LED (3)

900-500-LED (2)

900-500-LED (1)

A common question right now is, why the 900's? Well the 900's is a happy medium sitting right in between the 600 & 1200 LED lights. I can't complain since the 900's already push out twice the light as the older 500 LED panels. An upgrade is an upgrade. Also as seen in the images (above) I can fit (2) 900 LED light panels into standard sized Carry On luggage and room to spare for my power cords. The 500 LED panels were a bit beefier and would be impossible to fit two. You can check out more images and specs about these new LED light panels over at Amazon available for Prime - Click Here.

600 LED 900 1200 Video Light Panel
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find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera w/ 18-55mm IS II Lens

Just got wind that the Canon EOS T3i is definitely in stock and ready to ship. I know many guys aren't ready to 'convert' but this is a nice camera for first time DSLR shooters. Enough improvements to 'not' consider buying a T2i for your first camera. In stock Found here: Canon EOS T3i Rebel Digital Camera Kit

find-price-button Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera (Body Only)

Of course Canon is here to confuse us, so for the same price you can grab the Canon 60D. Everything is very close between the two, but the Canon 60D also has Manual Kelvin (White Balance), while the Canon T3i does not. Like the Canon 60D, the Canon T3i does provide you with Manual Audio levels, Vari Angle LCD, Wireless Flash Trigger, and all those silly Custom Filters. Of course this is a Body Only price for the 60D, and you'll be missing out on that new 3x - 10x Zoom Feature.


Wanted to put the T3i's new 3x Zoom featuer to the paces, so I shot some bugs with the 100mm F/2.8L IS Macro. At 10x you do notice it gets soft and it's pretty hard to see what's going on with these little guys. So for now here's an all 3x Zoom video which shows the original camera position. (except for the first few seconds. You'll see the text change). The shakiness was because it was a windy day, it's not from the camera. It's also pretty hard to pan at 3x Macro, everything is exaggerated.

I know what you're thinking. Wow, what a rare treat to find a flower full of sooo many lady bugs with great fill lighting? A very unique experience to have outside in nature. Ok, I admit. I cheated. Just a little.

I'm going to try this again in a more controlled environment when I get my real lights setup. I was at home and limited to what I could use. You can't use bulbs that generate too much heat or the flower will wilt and the lady bugs will 'crisp'. These little FLO's don't output as much as the LED panels which i'll try (maybe tomorrow).

find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR


The Canon T3i is in, and so far looks very close to a Canon T2i. There is one cool feature that none of the other Canon's have and it's the 3x-10x Zoom feature. The T2i and 60D had something similar but could not perform this while shooting in HD resolution. The Panasonic GH2 already had this feature built in, so it's nice to see Canon stepping up with the same.

canon-t3i (1 of 1)

The new T3i has this Zoom ability that can only be used in 1080 either 24fps or 30fps. You can't use this feature when shooting in 720. It's not a hard set Zoom factor, as you can start at 3x and slowly work your way to any Zoom in between all the way up to 10x. For people trying to find a solution to shooting far (wedding guys?), this new feature can essentially change my 100mm F/2.8 into a 1600mm F/2.8. So a simple 50mm F/1.4 can become a 500mm F/1.4. You see where this can come in handy? Oh and because my 100mm is one of Canon's finest 'Macro' lenses, the 10x feature on this lens is 'INSANE!!'. A must see, I mean seriously this is where this feature really really shines. It's crazy....

Let's hope Canon has the ability to throw this feature in via Firmware updates to our older cams, but don't hold your breath.

find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR


A couple of videos about the Canon T3i....

Canon Kiss X5 and Kiss X50 (Rebel T3i and Rebel T3) from SpacePigTV on Vimeo.

LOOP (shot with EOS 600D / Kiss X5 / Rebel T3i) from Canon France on Vimeo.

find-price-button Canon T3i Pre-Orders


T2i owners aren't ready to jump ship, so I highly doubt Canon will be receiving as much Pre-Orders as the Canon 60D. But for those who are just starting out with no DSLR camera whatsoever it's still one step up from a T2i in many ways. If you're not ready for 60D prices, the T3i is the camera to get. Manual audio levels, new full HD Zoom Crop feature, Swivel LCD, Wireless Flash trigger are all good reasons for a first camera. Although the GH2 seems to be catching some fair marketshare with an almost cult following. I need to dive into mine more.. But if you're looking to start with Canon, the T3i pre-orders are open.

BTW, it looks like all product information for the BG-E8 Battery grips are being updated. The BG-E8 battery grip was originally designed for the Canon T2i and now they are throwing the stamps of T3 and T3i to the supported camera list. This would be a first for a new Canon DSLR to use an already designed Battery Grip, so it sounds like an easier transition upwards for T2i owners who already have these accessories.

find-price-button Canon T3i Pre-Orders

[Update] As someone pointed out, looks like the Canon 60D is currently on sale right now. If you're not looking to wait on pre-orders, check out the 60D sale prices.

Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera on Sale via Amazon
Canon 60D 18 MP MOS Digital SLR Camera On Sale via BHPHOTOVIDEO.com



As if there isn't enough cameras in Canon's lineup, they recently just announced the T3i or 600D. Looks very close to the Canon 60D sticking with the Vari-angle LCD screen and i'm sure taking in a few other similarities. Some new tricks with in camera processing of photos and videos, upgrades to EOS utilities and Zoom Browsers, but technical specs within the core processor don't surpass the 60D. Don't expect this camera to bring any better image quality.

There is a new Zoom feature that can zoom in 3-10x while maintaining HD video output. Hey that's pretty cool, and can take advantage of shorter lenses. I'm sure there will be some added softness to the effect. Another step up from the T2i is manual audio levels and built in flash trigger. Guess what though, this 600D goes back to the LP-E8 battery unlike the 60D which uses the LP-E6. Sorry guys, no headphone out monitoring added to this DSLR (what's up Canon?).

For those who really wanted the swivel LCD, but could not afford the 60D prices, this T3i would be the answer. And to throw in even more confusion, Canon's released a T3 camera (not T3i). This almost seems to be the replacement for a T1i. The T3 is an even lower entry level DSLR, a bit slower in photo fps, lower megapixels, smaller LCD (no swivel), and only 720 capable.

The prices of these new Canon cameras are coming in low so i'm assuming this will discontinue sales of the T2i completely (unless they are willing to do a huge price drop). If it's true then expect remaining T2i inventories to drop prices even lower in the coming weeks. Canon sure has been moving pretty quickly through the lower end of consumer cameras, let's hope they come out with a replacement for some of the top end soon!

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