CarrySpeed Swi-View Neoprene Swivel LCD ViewFinder Mount

What can I say? It's simple, it works. As you can see it works on the GH2 perfectly without losing view of the entire LCD. Of course it works on the T3i and 60D. The velcro design and stretchy neoprene means it's adjustable to fit a variety of different cameras or even a variety of different view finders. I'm not sure about applying pressure onto the LCD while it's swiveled outwards, but for anyone that has worked outdoors in bright daylight, it's a good way to keep the function of the swivel LCD while acting as a sunshade / VF. $10 dollar tool that folds flat taking up no extra space in the bag. Heck why not. Found via Amazon (Click here)

swi-view-lcdswi-view viewfinderScreen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.13.07 AM
find-price-button CarrySpeed Swi-View LCD ViewFinder Neoprene Adapter

17 thoughts on “CarrySpeed Swi-View Neoprene Swivel LCD ViewFinder Mount

  1. joni music

    I have the view finder, and would like to have the velcro strip to go on lcd.
    The ebay seller won't ship to Canada.
    Is there anyone selling this ten dollar part that sends to Canada?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Iker Riera - Hmm..For the average size it's the Oval Small. I think because the CarrySpeed is a bit larger, it would probably be Oval Large or Oval Small. Not exactly sure.

  3. sally

    Anyone else think there is a better value for money VF than this kit?

    Em when are you going to have a massive clean out and sell some of your fans all your old stuff?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Sally - I believe the CarrySpeed has 'some' glass, but not completely like very high end view finders.

  5. Sally

    So the carry speed has glass? GREAT will pay a few $ extra thanks EM!

    So the mount from this post is the same for both the 60d & t3i?

  6. Thanks for the heads up from the other post Emm!
    The loupe from CarrySpeed isn't the sharpest I've tried (that's still Zacuto) but for the price I really feel you get what you pay for. It fogs a lot very fast but haven't tried the anti-fog wipes on it yet. The neoprene "jacket" is definitively a must for any 60D user! You just slip it on or out and there you go. Holds tight, permits almost any swivel movement on the VF and doesn't allow the tiniest crack of light to enter the screen from the sides.
    The other VF loupe I've tried and that I find much more sharper (almost as sharp as the Zacuto) and much better value-wise is the Jag35. It has a rickety diopter adjustment, but it has it at least. Don't know if it's real glass but it does feel colder to the touch than the CarrySpeed.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Sally - I found out that the reason they can be sold cheaper is because they use resin as the optical instead of glass. This does not produce a very sharp image. The magnets may also be weaker and does not come with a pouch.

  8. Sally

    Em what do you think about all these new $17 viewfinders on ebay with the rear mounted tripod attachement they all look to be from the same factory and have V3 on them?

    I like the appeal of no sticky frame on a 60D

  9. Tony

    Just got mine today. Ordered it with CarrySpeed Viewfinder for t3i (tripod mount frame). Works great and not having any problem with the LCD staying in place like Angel did. I also ordered jinfinance lcd viewfinder to compare to CarrySpeed. Looks very pro video with an inline shoulder rig! Thanks, emm! Bought a crap load of stuff (CN-160 video light, 2 BP-550D grips, Zoom H1, 2000w 5-bulb CFL softbox kit, Cowboy Shoulder mount, etc) for my first event shoot this weekend. Couldnt have did it (or afford it) without your site and sage advice. Thanks again! =)

  10. saunders

    I just ordered one of these, but have a quick question.. I'm guessing this does NOT come included with the actual viewfinder itself?

  11. Hi! Just got mine in the mail today. Attached my viewfinder to it and turns out it (the Swi-View) adds just enough weight to keep the screen from staying in position. The "straw that broke the camel's back" if you will.

    Will return and just deal with some sticky tape and the magnets.

  12. Tony Maceo

    Whats the loupe made by? I have a T3i and I'm gonna spring for one of these soon. Whats the best bang4buck out, Emm?

  13. Pas

    But you can only use this with the swivel screen folded out!!! This solves one problem and creates another. I'll stick to my existing viewfinder with the plastic frame glued on, so I can use the view finder however I position the screen. Straight on is excellent for that third point of contact when not on a tripod.

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