Canon 60D T3i LCD ViewFinder – No Sticky

A look at how the latest version CarrySpeed VFinder attaches to a Canon 60D with that swivel out screen. Right off the bat the metal frames might not line up perfectly, but they are easy to bend into position. If you want something super secure, I say permanently glue the sucker to the metal QR frame.

The 3:2 viewfinder fits perfectly on this Canon 60D and it is slightly slotted to fit the Canon T3i as well. The CarrySpeed viewfinders come with a Neoprene pouch, a Lanyard, Metal Frame, and the VFinder loupe. Not a bad deal for an important tool to help you set focus and dial in proper exposure (especially on those bright days). You might want to add some Anti Fog solution too.

find-price-button Canon 60D / Canon T3i LCD ViewFinder Quick Frame

[Update] Also available via Amazon below
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28 thoughts on “Canon 60D T3i LCD ViewFinder – No Sticky

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Gerald - It will not be the same fit. If anything you should use the 4:3 on your T2i and it will have just a 1mm crop on each side.

  2. Gerald

    I know this is not for the 5D. But will this fit on the 5D? I know the 5D is 4:3 and not 3:2 LCD size. I have a lcdvf clone on my T2i, but I just want to be able to go back and forth with the same loupe unit between my 5DII and T2i. I dont care that it crops out a little bit.

  3. Al

    Hi, I own a nikon d5100 (also with a swivel screen), I'm just wondering if anyone know if this VF is compatible to my dslr as well? thanks in advance 🙂

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  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Carlos - It could work. I also removed the lower knob and then sandwiched the plate in between a Manfrotto quick release plate. Worked well.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @ferdinand - It's not a perfect fit from the vfinder. The more generic versions of 3" LCDVF frames are actually a better fit.

  7. ferdinand

    hi emm,
    i have a question for you.
    i own a lcdvf viewfinder for my t2i, but im selling my camera, as i am getting myself a 60d.
    i dont want to buy a new viewfinder so i was asking myself if it would be enough for me to just buy the vfinder-frame and put my lcdvf on it.
    does it work?
    it would help me a lot if you could answer my question!! thanks a ton

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Brent Pierce - That's unusual. Maybe it is the wrong one. Mine fit perfectly as seen in the video example.

  9. I bought the frame separately, after I had already bought the original viewfinder, and for some reason, this does NOT fit my 60D. Maybe they sent me a different version. I'll email them and clear it up.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Nas - They have the frames seperately. Try contacting again, they are usually very responsive.

  11. Nas

    Can anyone please help me . I have been calling the company for a view finder of the same brand for more of the female ends to the magnet that stick on to the camera because the adhesive has worn out but they have not responded to the emails, after 3 months. Is there any thing I can put on it to make it stick that won't mess up the camera if I decide I need to take it off? PLEASE HELP!!

  12. I'm buying another 60D next week so I thought I'd try this one. I just ordered it today. Can't wait to get both my new camera and this VF so I can compare it to the LCDVF which is what I'm using now!

  13. Chris

    I had already purchased the original version of the view finder, but I really liked the screw on attachment with this model. They were able to sell me the attachment separately for $9.99 and free shipping. I had to email them because I didn't see it directly on their postings, but they sent me a link which made it easy to purchase. Since my DIY skills aren't like Emm's, this was well worth it.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Mr.Brown - It's not much larger than similar VF's. The eyecup is pretty big which is a good thing for blocking out light. The image is also clear. I think this is an excellent VF for the price.

  15. Mr.Brown

    Em you didnt really mention your opinion on the viewfinder other than it fits perfectly? Is this a good quality VF compared to some of the other cheap models? Some people complain that this is very large compared to others. Is that a good thing or bad thing since its a 3rd point of contact will it make it harder to focus because its so big. How is the magnification of the unit?

  16. imgpro615

    @matthew i have found a similar addition to the vf frame, i also use the cs1 strap from has a similar knob. instead of awkwardly stacking the frame to camera and the sc1 mount to that and THEN the manfrotto plate, i took out the knob from the vf frame and the sc1 strap mount... since none of the screws are long enough, i modified a 1/4-20 flat screw to fit the plate and the other bits to properly fit them all...took some trial, error, and cursewords, but seems to work decently

  17. Matthew Carr

    You can take the frame off the 1/4" knob and run the Manfrotto 501PL screw through the hole. It takes some fiddling and is a snug fit, but keeps things more compact.

  18. jason

    anybody put a zacuto frame on their 60d/t3i? a swiveling view finder could be cool or it might break the lcd hinge eventually, idunno.

  19. Rob

    I just bought one for my 60D and am looking forward to trying it out. Would love it if the company would make a quick release frame mount that would allow the frame and viewer to come off together. That way you can flip out the screen without having to unscrew the bottom mount.

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