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So Canon's latest 7D Mark II has arrived (in stock now here) and they're pushing hard mainly marketing towards still photographers. It's actually quite an amazing camera for sports and action photos, but some may say it falls a bit short in the video market compared to the new offerings by Sony and Panasonic.

Yet mainly because of the image quality and color that can be achieved from Canon DSLRs, there are still many videographers who just can't let go of their Canon 5D Mark IIIs. The main gripe has been to at least upgrade to a camera that can add 1080p @60fps to their existing workflow. So much of a need that the latest Canon C100 Mark II at $5K+ was being heavily considered.

But now that the new Canon 7D Mark II offers 1080/60p at just $2149, offers excellent AF in video mode, and also allows you to attach an external HDMI Recorder to capture a higher quality ProRes, this might be a camera to fill that void for another year or two until Canon can finally release a proper 4K DSLR camera.

Canon's pretty smart about releasing just enough features to make it interesting enough for production teams running around with several Canon DSLRs, but not enough features to step into their high end Cinema market. I know a few people who already have eyes on this camera. For more information about the new 7D Mark II (click here).

Canon 7D Mark II
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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Dual Pixel CMOS Focus
find-price-button Canon EOS 7D Mark II

The EOS 7D Mark II features a refined APS-C sized 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor with Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors for gorgeous imagery. It shoots up to 10 frames per second at ISOs ranging from 100–16000 (expandable to H1: 25600, H2: 51200), has a 65-point* all cross-type AF system and features Canon’s amazing Dual Pixel CMOS AF for brilliant Live-View AF. It has dual card slots for both CF and SD cards, USB 3.0 connectivity and even has built-in GPS** for easy location tagging, automatically.

Achieve Impressive AF During Video Capture.
Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables you to shoot video like a camcorder with smooth, fast, and accurate autofocus and lets you enjoy instant and precise autofocus even when shooting stills.

The EOS 7D Mark II features Canon’s revolutionary Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a milestone in AF speed and accuracy that unlocks the potential of Live View shooting. This advanced technology has truly changed what is possible with a DSLR camera.

Canon 7D Mark II Dual Pixel Auto Focus CMOS Sensor

Dual Pixel CMOS AF involves a sophisticated rethinking of the CMOS sensor. Traditionally, image sensors have one photodiode per pixel for recording, but the CMOS sensor on the EOS 7D Mark II has two photodiodes per pixel, 40 million in total, enabling each pixel on the sensor to both perform phase-difference detection autofocus and capture light. With phase-difference detection AF, autofocus is achieved quickly and easily on the camera. This unique AF system enables autofocus on approximately 80% of the image plane, vertically and horizontally, and helps ensure virtually no loss in image quality.

Just to recap, the new Canon 7D Mark II has a 20.2 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS AF enabling you to shoot video like a camcorder with smooth, fast, and accurate autofocus and for low noise at High ISO. A 65-point* all cross-type high-performance AF system. High speed continuous shooting up to 10.0 fps allows you to capture fast action. The Viewfinder II provides approximately 100% field of view, and now a built-in intervalometer for time lapse.

I get the feeling Canon isn't pushing towards video shooters as much as they are pushing it as a fast stills camera for sports photographers. But for video shooters who want to stick with Canon, one upgrade over other Canon DSLRs is the ability to now shoot 1080/60fps (sorry no 4K talk). The dual pixel auto focus in video mode should make it very easy to track subjects and maintain sharp focus, and hopefully this new sensor and dual Digic 6 processors will offer amazing low light capabilities. For more information about the new Canon 7D Mark II check it out via Adorama (click here).

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
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Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera (Body Only)
$3099.00 After checkout Reg. Price $3399.00
$175.00 value of accessories + 4% Rewards

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Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera (Body Only)
$1299.00 After checkout Reg. Price $1499.00
$78.90 value of accessories + 4% Rewards

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Canon EOS 7D w/ EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
$1599 After checkout Reg. Price $1,799.00
$170.85 value of accessories + 4% Rewards

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Canon T5i with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens
$799.00 After checkout Reg. Price $ 849.00
$68.90 value of accessories + 4% Rewards

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Canon EOS T5i w/ EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
$1019.00 After checkout Reg. Price $1,049.00
$68.90 value of accessories + 4% Rewards

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Canon T4i DSLR Canon-T4i-DSLR

Canon's latest EOS Rebel T4i DSLR uses the same Digic 5 image processor as the Canon 5D Mark II that should showcase better resolution quality, dynamic range, auto focus speed, burst rate, and more. Sounds like the HIGH ISO noise will perform better against more expensive cameras like the Canon 60D, or Canon 7D.

Another claim to fame with this new Rebel release is the Touch Screen 3" Vari-Angle LCD and Full Time Auto Focus during video recording. Specs listed are good, but feedback doesn't feel like it will be a sell out camera like previous models. Announced a few weeks ago, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i are now in stock with B&H (Click Here)

Canon T4i VariAngle LCD
find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T4i

And also available via Amazon (Click Here)

Canon T4i VariAngle LCD
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Several people jumped on the Canon 7D deal and it sold out fast. Others weren't so lucky. I woke up today, to see that it is once again being offered via the Daily Deal. I know a bunch of people were able to take advantage of this deal, including some of my close friends, so if you received one from the last round feel free to leave some comments to the skeptics. Listed as Brand New (not refurbished). Is this grey market stuff? Nope, the auction (like the last one) shows that it includes the US Warranty registration card. Check it following the link (here).

find-price-button Canon EOS 7D DSLR (Body)


First look at a very new product (unreleased) (Patented Pending) that I showcased a few days back. Leo said it looked like a Canon 60D on steroids. Camera mounted is the Canon 7D. This is a prototype version and as far as I know, a very original product idea. I can't really talk about specs outside of the 5.6" HDMI LCD that swivels. I'm not sure how much it will change in the production model. There's built in speakers for playback, an HDMI pass through, and powered by LP-E6. There's an LP-E6 shaped battery case adapter that looks like it uses AAA batteries. So far it's very convenient to just mount an LCD monitor to your camera like a battery grip, and have such a large monitor available. It sort of feels familiar like using a GH2, T3i, or 60D.

There's a few more 'unreleased' products i'll be talking about soon too. For more updates remember to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cheesycam



Available again is a couple of refurbished Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D DSLRs over at the Canon direct store. There's also 60Ds and T2i cameras as well. Last time I ordered a refurbished 5D Mark II, Canon had a really nice discount going on. I received mine looking brand spanking new and it's heavily in rotation with the rest of the equipment. A refurbished camera is 'never' a camera that has been repaired.

These refurbished cameras might come back from stores with excess inventory or returned for other reason, but never because they had previous issues. These refurbished cameras are also run through the same testing to make sure everything is in 'as new' condition. The one I received had 0 shutter actuations, and no signs of use. Besides Camera bodies, there's also lenses and other sorts. Check out the stuff over at Canon's site: https://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/

Canon Red T3 Bodies

In other news, Canon has discounted some Exclusive colored T3 bodies in Red, Metallic Grey, and Brown. I think this is the first time Canon's offered such colors in any of their DSLRs. If you're not planning on doing any video, the T3 would be a good camera for just plain photography. You can find these exclusive colored bodies following the link: https://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/subCategory_10051_10051_-1_41771

It's a tough body to find, it's been out of stock with many retailers. If you've been on the hunt, B&H now has a very very few Canon 1D Mark IV bodies. Ready to ship and cheaper than Amazon, Adorama, and most other retailers.

Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 10.00.25 AM
find-price-button Canon 1D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera

And currently the 5D Mark II and Canon 7D Bodies are available as well.


Swing out LCD's are great for odd shooting positions, but posed some problems for DSLR LCD View Finders. The Canon 60D and T3i fall into this category. The solution is to use a frame that mounts under the camera body, but the pricing has been out of reach. Or has it?
Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 1.02.10 AMScreen shot 2011-05-15 at 1.01.58 AM

Has anyone caught these new LCD Viewfinders for both 3" and 3:2 DSLR LCD Screens? Claims to be compatible with the 60D and T3i cameras, as well as the older 5D/7D cameras.

Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 12.43.55 AM

I'm not seeing very much adjustments on the frame, so i'm wondering how they could get it to line up against so many different camera bodies? Sure the LCDs are a basic size, but the position on the body isn't always the same. There's definitely two different versions from the photos i've seen. One is a square 3" and the other a more rectangular 3.2". These VF's have the obvious large eyecup but no diopter. No luck for you battery grip users, straight body mount only. Uses magnets to hold onto the frame - which the frame is mounted under the camera body with a Tripod mount still available. Fetches for mid $30's US.

DSLR LCD View Finder 60D
find-price-button LCD View Finder Canon 60D, T3i, 5D Mark II, 7D, Nikon