Swiveling HDMI LCD Monitor Battery Grip – Prototype

First look at a very new product (unreleased) (Patented Pending) that I showcased a few days back. Leo said it looked like a Canon 60D on steroids. Camera mounted is the Canon 7D. This is a prototype version and as far as I know, a very original product idea. I can't really talk about specs outside of the 5.6" HDMI LCD that swivels. I'm not sure how much it will change in the production model. There's built in speakers for playback, an HDMI pass through, and powered by LP-E6. There's an LP-E6 shaped battery case adapter that looks like it uses AAA batteries. So far it's very convenient to just mount an LCD monitor to your camera like a battery grip, and have such a large monitor available. It sort of feels familiar like using a GH2, T3i, or 60D.

There's a few more 'unreleased' products i'll be talking about soon too. For more updates remember to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cheesycam

40 thoughts on “Swiveling HDMI LCD Monitor Battery Grip – Prototype

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  2. aaron

    @emm I know you said this works on all cameras with HDMI but is the software match the canon output? I hate looking down monitors, even some really expensive marshalls and seeing the image cropped? From the looks of it it seems to be work well though.

    It's funny seeing people get worked up over this either way, it's really just a well proportioned monitor with a swivel and a good mounting system. Which isn't to say it's bad, it's actually odd no one has come up with this yet.

  3. Sheldon

    Now this what happen when grown minded people have a proper discussion. No flaming, no abusing.

    Emm is awesome, this blog is awesome, , The people are awesome and Olivia is hotttt!

    Have a great day!

  4. Good Morning All!

    @Lens dude.

    I totally agree with 100% on the garlic peeler analogy, but I was not being a fan boy of the LCD product being showcased. Did I jump the gun a tad bit while reading his post??? Maybe, Could have been the caffeine but I found it funny at the time when I quickly read it and acted kind of insensitive. You are right thank you for bringing it to my attention. But warranted or not I thank Emm for allowing it to be posted for what it is gotta take the yin with the yang.


    Thank you for bringing up that point.

  5. Darius

    @Serge - I don't agree with Kahl's points but he mentioned dual processors because that is what allows the 7D to maintain full resolution through an external monitor even when recording. That drop in resolution is a deal breaker for some people though it's a camera issue not a monitor one.

  6. Lensdude

    One thing on this "discussion"...

    It should be pointed out that all these products are designed and produced to make money for the people behind them. Just because a product is produced and dangled in front of the photo/video/filmmaking word does not mean that product really solves a problem or is a breakthrough in real way. A $40 garlic peeler might appeal to some but 90% or real cooks will bang that garlic clove with the edge of a knife and move on.

    This site is generally a positive arena. Criticism, doubts and "yeah, buts..." should be a welcome part of the discussion though. All kinds of people make products: proven companies, copycat artists, Zacuto, Canon, and even Emm himself now. All are fair game when it comes to real critique. Naysayers of popular products and people serve a purpose.

    While I might not agree with Kahl on all his technical issues I welcome the points that he brings to the table. Reread his post. He demonstrates respect while raising his own personal doubts. I am not sure if Serge's lengthy rebuttal is warranted here?

    I look forward to more discussion on this product though...

  7. @KahL

    What is in your kool aid this morning?
    are you kidding me? Since when did dual processors come into play of LCDs out put???, what? who? I'm lost....

    I guess people should stop using Iphones for internet videos too.
    much less even attempt to shoot a full feature film on it since we all know those tiny pesky iphone screen just like the built in DLSR LCD's will never do any justice... oh and no external recorders to capture the image of an iphone... booo hooo blah blah blah...

    Eh Try again!

    Full Feature shot on an iphone! No external image recorder.


    By the way all this is Sarcasm mixed with confusion after I nearly peed on myself from the laughter...

    The internet does not interpret sarcasm correctly... But all jokes aside people need to stop posting ASSumptions if they have yet to do any real work to have an understanding how things work. Stop reading all these forums except cheesycam of course 🙂

    It amazes me how people still find excuses why certain gadgets are needed to make better movies and other projects, they seem to have not remember 28 days was shot on a canon xl1 with DV tapes. so were some episodes of ER and NYPD blue.

    I cant wait to get one of these LCD's just too shoot my kids in the back yard blowing soap bubbles 😉

  8. Marcus

    Very innovative! I really like the concept. I currently choose my 60D over my 5D and 7D for video because of the screen!

    I would really like to get my hands on one to get the actual feel.

    Well done cheesycam! Great to see your evolution...

    P.S. Ordered my pico dolly today!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @HD Cam Team - This LCD has an 8" HDMI Cable that is used to attach to the camera. With or without the grip, the cable is long enough. It's also long enough to reach to the opposite side of a camera. My Sony HX9V has the HDMI port on the right side.

  10. @Emm - This prototype will be compatible with battery grip attached to the camera, right? But will you need a special attachment system or you could use this prototype to both cam with grip and camera without grip?

    I'm thinking about how easy and fast would be to attach this monitor prototype on different cameras that you may have (with and without battery grip) on your bag. Any possible details about it?


  11. getem


    Have you ever been n a dslr production set? Many many many people using 60d and 5d with larger screens then this and they look fine. Since when was 480p bad?

    I'm talking about professionals here. People need to stop thinking they know everything

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @KahL - I wouldn't call it a serious problem. There's literally thousands of people using LCD monitors with Canon DSLRs already. This would be no different. It's just an LCD monitor as well. It's also not Canon specific as you can attach this to any camera with HDMI.

  13. As cool as this is, it may pose a serious problem.
    Are you guys forgetting that every Canon except the 7D down samples to 480p when you hit record? This IS attached via the HDMI port, right?

    This screen looks excellent, but unless you have that dual processor laden DSLR, it will look pretty bad once the function comes into play beyond the looks. For which you then may need an external recorder, with it ML modded.

    If this is hooked up in some other way that isn't from the HDMI out port, then I'll be happy to be wrong. But, I just don't wanna get excited for something that could potentially be useless beyond some great oohs and aaahs.

    Essentially, this will only be worthwhile for the 7D it seems.

  14. Looks nice interesting to see the price and how hard it would be to set up something like a smallHD monitor in this "style" using a friction arm and a few bits of DIY.

    But i think this will be on every video person list to use with the 5d MK3 as canon have said it will have a fixed LCD screen.


  15. Hi, very interesting prototype.

    Do you have any detail of the features it will have (such as peaking, scaling, zebras, zoom, blue only, etc.?).


  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Danyyyel - A 1024 resolution on a 5.6" screen won't sell for under $400. Most of the ones you see out there Lilliput, Ruige, Ikan, even SmallHD DP4 only display at around 800 horizontal.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - That would be a nice feature, but it's made like most popular cameras GH2, T3i, or 60D that swivel to the side so it's a familiar feel.

  18. Danyyyel

    I hope it has a good high quality screen. In the end that is the more important. Do you know the resolution of the screen, a at least 1024 horizontal resolution would be very nice.

  19. Macboy

    PLEASE let us know as soon as they will have units for sale. I really like this concept. Much more sleek idea for working with a larger LCD.

  20. May the Lawds of technolandia here your unofficial price quote and grant it! I would love to get one of these like yesterday! If you get a couple for beta testing Emm you know you to holla at (ME!) Philip Bloom is over rated!


  21. Joshua

    I am very excitingly waiting for a price for this. you think it will be under $400? Or would that be to good to be true? And I wonder what resolution

  22. Rob

    It's cool that Cheesycam has become a lab for new, useful and affordable products. I think you guys need to tackle lights next!

  23. @Emm, I didnt realize Olivia or anyone was holding it. It was just floating in the air for me! But Olivia gets a Double Me Wantsy!

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Darius - There is a gap where the HDMI is. The HDMI cable is about 8" long on this prototype, so you would connect the cables first and then attach the grip. The HDMI cable on here has a swiveling connector.

  25. Darius

    I think it looks awesome. My primary fear is that it appears to be covering the audio in jack on the camera which would be a real problem...any idea if I'm mistaken?

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