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Canon announced a new smaller Full Frame camera today. It's body style, controls, and buttons are very similar to a Canon 60D (minus articulating screen). Some features are a 20.2MP sensor, Digic 5+ processor, with built in GPS and WiFi. Price is estimated to be similar to the Nikon D600 under $2100 (body only) and it's also offered with a 24-105mm F/4L kit lens. You can find more details and specsalready listed over at B&H with a pre-order page (Click Here).

find-price-button New Canon 6D Full Frame DSLR Camera


find-price-button Pre Order Canon 5D Mark III

This might not be such a big deal for some people, but it's always been a huge inconvenience with all current Canon DSLR cameras. The latest 1Dx camera from Canon showed that Video mode could be started from the same shutter button used to take photos. What does this mean? Well, this means that your most basic and most inexpensive wireless (not just infrared) shutter trigger systems will be able to start video mode.


The question I had was will the 5D Mark III have the same, and Mitch from Planet5D.com was able to get the information from Canon stating 'Yes, the basic shutter will start video mode'. There's also a constantly updated Blog article about all the main questions coming in about the 5D Mark III found here: https://blog.planet5d.com/2012/03/questions-answered-for-the-canon-eos-5d-mark-iii-hdmi-video/. [Thanks Mitch]

I'm not saying that's a reason to upgrade from a Canon 5D Mark II, but that was one very annoying feature Canon seems to have finally fixed. Guess what? That also means if you purchased a set of Yongnuo RF-602 or RF-603 triggers for your Speedlite flashes, those also can be used to start and stop video with your new Canon camera.

find-price-button Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Triggers

Some of you might already own a set, but ideally these very cheap Wireless trigger systems should now be able to start and stop video mode on all your 1Dx, Canon 5D Mark III, and hopefully all future Canon DSLRs.

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We all knew after the announcement of the 5D Mark III there would be a price drop on the Mark II bodies. Your new prices are $2199 (body only) and $2999 Body + 24-105mm F/4L.

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First look at a very new product (unreleased) (Patented Pending) that I showcased a few days back. Leo said it looked like a Canon 60D on steroids. Camera mounted is the Canon 7D. This is a prototype version and as far as I know, a very original product idea. I can't really talk about specs outside of the 5.6" HDMI LCD that swivels. I'm not sure how much it will change in the production model. There's built in speakers for playback, an HDMI pass through, and powered by LP-E6. There's an LP-E6 shaped battery case adapter that looks like it uses AAA batteries. So far it's very convenient to just mount an LCD monitor to your camera like a battery grip, and have such a large monitor available. It sort of feels familiar like using a GH2, T3i, or 60D.

There's a few more 'unreleased' products i'll be talking about soon too. For more updates remember to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cheesycam



Yes. The images look quite funky, but they were purposely modified to be a little discreet. I can assure you that the product is real. It's actually been in design for a few months (Patent Pending), and this is the first images ever released. So what is it and what does it do? It's a 5.6" swiveling LCD (about the size of a SmallHD DP6) that connects under a camera like a battery grip. Seen in the images is a Canon 5D Mark II, but the unit will mount under any camera providing it with a swiveling LCD. There's an HDMI pass through on the side and the LCD unit is powered by a single Canon LP-E6 battery. I guess this LCD design also solves the problem of using an HDMI Lock so you don't damage the one on your camera. If you don't have a Canon LP-E6 battery, there's an adapter that accepts AAs. There's also an optional sun shade. The monitor will have peaking to assist with focusing. I've heard there's other features, but i'm not sure if I can mention it.

That's about all I can say for now, until the product hits the shelves in a few weeks. What do you guys think? Love to hear your opinions....


Canon 5D Mark II

Thanks to Adam for writing this in. The Canon 5D Mark II is currently on sale over at BestBuy. I just checked pricing over at Amazon, B&H, and a few other popular websites. Indeed it is a few hundred dollars cheaper. Not as cheap as a refurb unit (if you could ever catch it in stock), but it's been a little while since we've seen these 5D Mark IIs on sale.

Available in stores if you can find it (with tax) or grab it online (maybe no tax?) following the link (click here).
Click here for the Best Buy Homepage



Available again is a couple of refurbished Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D DSLRs over at the Canon direct store. There's also 60Ds and T2i cameras as well. Last time I ordered a refurbished 5D Mark II, Canon had a really nice discount going on. I received mine looking brand spanking new and it's heavily in rotation with the rest of the equipment. A refurbished camera is 'never' a camera that has been repaired.

These refurbished cameras might come back from stores with excess inventory or returned for other reason, but never because they had previous issues. These refurbished cameras are also run through the same testing to make sure everything is in 'as new' condition. The one I received had 0 shutter actuations, and no signs of use. Besides Camera bodies, there's also lenses and other sorts. Check out the stuff over at Canon's site: https://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/

Canon Red T3 Bodies

In other news, Canon has discounted some Exclusive colored T3 bodies in Red, Metallic Grey, and Brown. I think this is the first time Canon's offered such colors in any of their DSLRs. If you're not planning on doing any video, the T3 would be a good camera for just plain photography. You can find these exclusive colored bodies following the link: https://shop.usa.canon.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/subCategory_10051_10051_-1_41771

It's a tough body to find, it's been out of stock with many retailers. If you've been on the hunt, B&H now has a very very few Canon 1D Mark IV bodies. Ready to ship and cheaper than Amazon, Adorama, and most other retailers.

Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 10.00.25 AM
find-price-button Canon 1D Mark IV Digital SLR Camera

And currently the 5D Mark II and Canon 7D Bodies are available as well.


It wasn't long before the nice discount on the 5D Mark II body expired from BestBuy.com, but maybe there's new hope. There's a special announcement for a Midnight Sale - Online Only.Starting midnight tonight until 8am tomorrow they'll be launching some additional special deals. Besides the slew of other electronics and gadgets, there's DSLR's on the list. Hmm..Canon T3i, Canon 7D, Canon 60D? Who knows what's in store, but you have to be up past midnight or online before 8 a.m. to see what's in store. Follow the banner for more details.

visit-button Midnight Sale, Online Only, Starts Midnight Through 8 a.m. EST on Thursday (5/19)