Canon Announces new 6D Full Frame Camera

Canon announced a new smaller Full Frame camera today. It's body style, controls, and buttons are very similar to a Canon 60D (minus articulating screen). Some features are a 20.2MP sensor, Digic 5+ processor, with built in GPS and WiFi. Price is estimated to be similar to the Nikon D600 under $2100 (body only) and it's also offered with a 24-105mm F/4L kit lens. You can find more details and specsalready listed over at B&H with a pre-order page (Click Here).

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @MovieBuff - I'm using mostly Canon DSLRs like the 5D Mark III, but also waiting on this D600 to arrive.

  2. MovieBuff

    Thank you for clarifying that for me. 😀
    I have the T2i, aliasing and moire is really annoying.
    What camera are you using?

  3. Emm

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    @MovieBuff - For HD Video, the largest sensor does not always equate to the better camera. The GH3 has a higher bitrate and better video codec than the T4i, and will most likely not suffer from the same aliasing and moire issues as the Canon DSLR cameras.

    Even the BlackMagic camera that shoots RAW video or ProRes can deliver more dynamic range than any Canon DSLR and uses a small sensor about the same size as a GH2.

  4. Emm

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    @scottrellwi - Maybe i'm just reading your comment incorrectly, but just want to clarify. Yes it will create a new file after the 4GB file size, and yes you can join them seamlessly without dropping a frame (Canon 5D Mark III was first to do this), 'BUT' it will only do this up to 29 minutes. You will not be able to get one long continuous run infinitely. There is a tax law that Canon follows even for USA that only allows up to 29 minutes of 'continuous' recording regardless of how many individual files it will create. In your wedding example, the Canon DSLR is still not a 'set it and forget it' type camera.

  5. scottrellwi


    Thank you for elaborating on the 4 GB limit. As Dave's review shows however, putting several of those 4GB files together in a non-linear editor will create a continuous video feed with no frame loss at all. (Per Dave's review)


    Yes you are correct about using a traditional video camera, but if you already have all Canon lenses and accessories, you could now buy a T4i or 6D as a 2nd /backup camera. Set it up at a wedding, press start, and go shoot the wedding with your good DSLR. It is good to see one of the cameras handicaps removed even if it is in an indirect way.

  6. Mike

    Just wanted to point out that if you really need to be shooting video clips longer than 29 minutes you should just get a dedicated video camera and not bother with a dslr. And as an aside, most film magazines in the old analog days - you know, about 5 years ago - only ran for around 12 minutes each. Didn't seem to bother Spielberg or Welles or Scorsese. Not sure why it's suddenly such a big deal now.
    The 6D looks like a pretty darn good camera. But I agree that it should have had a headphone jack.

  7. @Emm - that tax law applies only to the European Union as the result of a decision by the EU Nomenclature Committee (see this 2007 piece from CNET .

    This ruling does *not* apply to the US, or the rest of the world. Nevertheless, Canon and Sony choose to impose the 30 minute limit on their cameras worldwide - probably because it's easier from a manufacturing standpoint.

    Panasonic takes a different approach. Panasonic cameras destined for the EU also have the 30 minute limit, but Panasonic *removes* this limit from cameras destined for the US, Asian and other markets. These cameras have essentially unlimited recording time (4 hrs continuous/2 hrs actual recordable for the GH3:

    In my view, U.S. and Asian Canon and Sony users ought to be up in arms about this. I don't understand why video shooters put up with paying $2000 - $3500 for a "video clip" camera that can't shoot a complete sermon; speech; concert; graduation, wedding or play.



  8. JohnnyD

    Having purchased the FS700 a few weeks ago, I can say that I have no reason to upgrade my still past the 7D. This is yet another camera that canon has pushed out that is state of the art - three years ago.

    Used to be such a huge canon fan, but they've pretty much stopped innovating and now are merely regurgitating.

  9. @MovieBuff - for continuous autofocus you have to go with GH3, which is very likely to have clean HDMI out as well. the 6D is the same rehash of crippleware canon tech with one step forward and one step back.

  10. Emm

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    @scottrellwi - Yes the new 6D will have continuous recording after 4GB file size, but only up to 29 minutes. There's a tax law about cameras that continuously record more than 30 minutes per clip.

  11. scottrellwi

    So I wonder if this will allow the 29.59 recording time, and then start another clip like the t4i. Dave Dugdale did a great test of the t4i vs 60D and found even though a new file starts over after the 30 minutes, it does not have any break in the stream when the 2 clips are combined back up in an editor (t4i).

    This sounds like our file lengths may only be limited (when combined in editor) by memory card size or battery power. Anyone have any more info on this?

    Here are his comments:

  12. Dr Jones

    Perfect to match 5DMKIII owners as a B cam.

    I had extreme trouble matching 550D,60,600d,7d footage with the 5DMKIII, simply due to full frame and low light performance (during weddings, low light events).

    2nd hand 5dMKIII's range around $1200-$1300, but digic 5 is WORTH the extra pennies in this particular industry when matching angles and low light performance is key.

    No need for headphone monitoring ever on a dslr. Your always recording external. And flip screen is handy but really... complaining about a flip screen?

    Canon also have always crossed over models.. look at the 550d,600d,60d.

  13. MovieBuff

    Does the video have auto-focus?
    I'm trying to use a DSLR for livestreaming (Suggestions)? Does the Panasonic GH3 have a legit HDMI output?

  14. @Carlos, you are EXACTLY RIGHT! We know that Canon was not putting clean HD in this camera (There are none in the Mark 3) and we knew that Canon had to respond to all of these other cameras that had full frame without out the huge price tag. The only thing that I would have loved to have is the headphone jack out, I mean to get that I have to spend and extra $1500 and buy a Mark 3 but outside of that it is just another tool. A very cheap and by all accounts affordable tool for cinematographers. Lets stop just looking at a bunch of specs we dont fully know how to use and basing everything off of this. I don't love Canon but I really hate that fact that no one has even shot with this thing yet they can verify that it sucks. These cameras are all just tools, they can't make you a Spielberg if you just don't have the skill.

    @EMM, thanks again for doing your thing and posting some great stuff! Keep it up!

  15. Nice camera, if you have to have full frame - but no articulated LCD, no unlimited continuous video clip length, no headphone jack, no uncompressed HDMI out, no XLR inputs = no thanks.

    I'll use the $2100 I would have spent for this camera and get a GH3 plus the XLR input accessory - and have money left over.

  16. Carlos

    This camera should do really good especially for us guys who just need it for video and could care less about pics... The official Canon specs indeed list it as having the same All-i codec as the 5d mk3 this alone is worth buying over an outdated Canon MkII..not to mention the possiblities for cam apps its releasing for it via wi-fi "new technology"....dont be too quick to judge. This body will fly off the shelves and dominant the Canon dslr video genre....think about it...

  17. scottrellwi

    I read that the built-in HDR is lame because it auto combines them and you can't get at the individual shots. I guess it is faster, but I don't know about better.

  18. Noooooo Canon limiting a camera!? Trying to protect their market share!? What is wrong with Canon? Taking off the articulating screen!!! I've been a Canon stills shooter for ten years, have only bought GH1, GH2 and Sony cameras for the past year, and since the A99 came out (without having read any users reviews yet, of course) I've been calculating the cost of selling my L glass and buying the A99 and Zeiss glass. Canon is making me soooooooooo sad and frustrated at the moment.

  19. meh.....I'll wait for the 6d markii. Bwahahahaha!! just kiddin! But is anyone getting the feeling that Canon is starting to sweat a bit?? It almost feels like the 6d is a "forced" camera to try to keep their customers from turning into GH3 shooters.

  20. Rob S.

    Aside from the higher ISO range, the 6D really seems to really fall short when compared to the Nikon in many ways. Only 11 AF points vs 39 and only 1 vs 9 cross type sensors, no headphone jack and way less shutter life than the D600.

  21. Hunter

    Sooooo the main difference between this and a 5D mark 3 is....?

    I was counting on getting a mark 3 in a month or two, but this looks really interesting. My main concern is the low light performance compared to the mark 3. Right now I have a t2i and it's just not cutting it when it comes to shooting in low light...

    I'm gonna keep my eye on this one!


  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - It's a good thing for people who have lots of Canon glass and need to upgrade to a new full frame camera (although I think you could just get a 5D Mark 2). One thing to note though is Canon totally limited this camera compared to what they could have added. This camera has slower auto focus, slower burst rate, no headphone jack, and i'm sure no uncompressed HDMI out. Sony and Nikon are offering better specs with their announcements..

  23. Mike

    Yes, I am on this site every single day, and this is probably one of the best posts I have ever seen. I'm going to buy this the day it is available

  24. MN

    I'm still waiting for a Canon body w/full frame sensor that'll shoot 60p; need that frame rate for one of my clients.

  25. mark london

    Nice. Gives Nikon some competition, and a lot of 550D and 60D people will upgrade to this. But not including the articulating screen will extend the product life of the 60D.

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