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House Season Finale Shot 5D

Yeah I know this is all old news about that "Season Finale of House being shot on the Canon 5D Mark II", but I just had to re-watch the episode again after listening to DP Gale Tattersall's live video interview today on Planet5D. Obviously the Pros of the camera outweighed the Cons enough that they decided they could shoot this particular Finale with just the Canon 5D Mark II and only Canon Lenses.

Canon 5D Mark II
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Yup, no Zeiss Cinema or fancy PL modified lenses, just plain ol' Canon EF mounts. The images came out better than anyone could have expected when they first announced it would be all shot on the 5D Mark II. If you didn't catch it, you should. If you've already seen it, you should definitely re-watch it to admire the quality they were able to capture and process in post. You can preview the beginning parts and watch the entire Episode by clicking the jump below.

watch now House Season Finale - Shot on Canon 5D Mark II

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Juicedlink contest 5d Mark II
visit-button JuicedLink.com Blog - Win Canon 5D Mark II Contest

I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to winning contests, but here's an easy one with an exciting little reward (should you win). JuicedLink.com has been holding contests giving away DSLR camera bodies for some time, and now the Canon 5D Mark II body is being offered up. Easy rules to follow including subscription to the newsletters, and everything else can be done all from the comfort of your bed. Hey, another reader found the RadioPopper.com contest I posted up on this blog and won some valuable goodies. Maybe the next person reading this article could be our winner. Good Luck and comment back if you win.


A rep from EA Sports dropped in today for a quick interview about the new video game 'Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit'. Can be found here: Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit

Just thought I'd share a quick clip of an interview I thought went fairly well considering the time constraints. The rep came earlier than expected so I rushed to get something setup for the interview. Woohoo, yeah that audio is the Zoom H1 portable Audio recorder with the cheap ATR3350 LAV microphone. Not too bad for a rushed Audio interview, pretty happy with that. I had a Zoom H4n off to the side to see how that would sound, but there was too much ambient outside that ruined it. Camera left is Canon 5D Mark II with 100mm Macro IS F/2.8L (see it's not just for Macro), and camera right is Canon 7D + 24-105mm IS F/4L (the video footage isn't in this clip). The BTS footage i'm showing you was shot hand held with the Canon 60D. For lighting just used one of the cheap 800 watt Lights as the fill light, I talked about it in this article: http://cheesycam.com/new-800w-barndoor-softboxes-3pcs-lighting/

There were two other lights with a red gel to give the plain garage door something interesting. Instead of a plain background, the garage added more texture to the simple interview shot. This video hasn't had any processing done so i'm sure it looks pretty flat, soft, and desaturated. That was the profile setup on the Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon 5D Mark II was also being monitored on the Vizio LCD with DIY mount to cheap Light Stand. Well, there you go. Hope this setup is informational and helpful as the audio came out decent and the lighting added something different for a super cheap budget.



The Swintronix Powerbase 70 Battery Pack is back in stock again. Supposedly 6 times longer run time than a single Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, it is designed with two optional power ports for powering up other compatible accessories. Yeah I know, Swintronix Powerbase is old news right? Not really, since this battery pack is designed for use with the Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 7D which shares it's battery type with the Canon EOS 60D. Get where i'm going with this? Theoretically it should have absolutely no problems powering up the new Canon 60D camera, and with it's mounting capabilities can double up to be used as that rear weight on your new shoulder rig. Double function means lighter run and gun rig since you don't need to add on that extra battery grip + extra rig weight. Soon as the Canon 60D DSLR starts shipping, expect these power packs to sell out just as quickly. The charger for the packs are sold seperately which might be a good thing. You can purchase several battery packs without having to incur costs of having multiple chargers.

Switronix PowerBase Battery Pack Canon EOS 5D Mk II & 7D Pricing

Switronix POWER CHRGR f/PB70/NP-L60/EX-L96/XPL90


California/Arizona Time Lapse from Dan Eckert on Vimeo.

Dan Eckert sent me a message about being able to find some cheaper LED's through the Cheesycam website that he was able to use in one of his recent Timelapse videos. Apparently Dan used the popular 126 LED lights and modified them to tripod use. I took a look at the timelapse video Dan Eckert put together, and was just blown away. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, this timelapse video showcases some of the most amazing footage i've seen. It's not so much about catching moving clouds that we've all seen before, but more about finding appreciation for the hard work and endurance that is involved with capturing this kind of footage day after day, most of which in the desert heat. This is some amazing stuff, you've all got to see. Shot completely with still images, yet the video seems extremely fluid, and no signs of flickering. Lots of camera movement makes this a truly amazing piece. Involved in this video is a custom dolly built for train tracks, panning shots, sliding shots, and techniques with image shutter speed. It's too bad there isn't a BTS video on his road trip, as i'm sure many of us would love to see the journey involved in creating something a piece like this. Great work Dan, looking forward to seeing more! My offer to carry some gear still stands!

A bit of BTS with Dan's DIY train rail dolly. Very cool, looks pretty smooth.