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Audio recorder in this video:
juicedlink DAR Recorder
Juicedlink DAR (digital audio recorder).


Juicedlink first introduced this slider idea as a prototype during NAB2011 (found here). The kit consists of a few different parts which are bundled or sold separately. The basic set will have at least a trolley (rolling carriage) and end clamps to hold a set of rods. The end clamps have three 1/4-20" threaded taps to mount stands. A benefit to this slider kit is that you choose any type and length of 5/8" rod you require. You're not limited to specifically choosing a 24" or 36" like IGUS or Konova sliders. With JuicedLink, you can carry multiple sets of rods if you want to run short or long. Suggested rails to be used are stainless steel rods for it's clean smooth surface and hardness, which run about $20 dollars each for 4 feet (48").

find-price-button JuicedLink DIY Slider Kit

The setup in the video (above) is on 4ft. stainless steel rods with a few modifications done to get it motorized. This is pretty much the same equipment used on the motorized Konova slider by Vimeo member C Light. On one end I have a freewheeling Idler Pulley. On the opposite end is the servo motor, servo controller, and 4 AAA battery pack. These all simply plug in together seamlessly without any soldering to give you a reversible slow speed motor. For the string, i'm just using Nylon Mason Line. Fairly thin, but strong, and readily available at your local Home Depot. I decided on using Velcro at the ends so that I can adjust the tension of the Line. Below is the remaining parts list of what you'll need if you wanted to do this to other sliders.

Basic servos will not rotate 360 degrees. Here you'll find the Continuous Rotation Servo: https://www.hobbyengineering.com/H1429.html

You'll require a pulley to be mounted on the servo. This fits perfectly and has the proper amount of teeth to fit flush: https://www.servocity.com/html/pulley_wheel__futm2045_.html

To control the speed and to make the servo move in reverse, you'll need the servo controller: https://www.servocity.com/html/dual_servo_driver.html

To power things up, you'll need a small battery pack. This battery pack will simply plug in to the controller. https://www.servocity.com/html/battery_trays.html

It's definitely a smooth slider, but the design means you'll need two stands to elevate it. It's important to get solid stands on each side if you want to minimize any rocking or swaying when used in windy environments. Especially if you're shooting with a long lens. Before you consider the JuicedLink DIY slider kit, you should check out some important information about the slider over at the JuicedLink website. He's started a 'CookBook' of ideas and tips about using the slider, and pointing out a few things to keep in mind when going to a longer set of rods. You can find more information and pricing on the JuicedLink sliders (click here).

find-price-button JuicedLink DIY Slider Kit


Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 10.34.18 PM
Hands Free JuicedLink DSLR Rig

There's been a swarm of new products and videos posted on the JuicedLink blog in the last two days. Besides showing updates on current accessory brackets, there's information on the DIY slider (shown at NAB2011), unusual iPhone and iPad mounting brackets, and a handsfree type DSLR rig. You can find more information and videos about the new products following the link (click here).

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 10.51.59 PMDIY slider JuicedLinkiPad DSLR Rig Cage


Earlier this year JuicedLink showed off an inexpensive roller bearing prototype slider design at NAB2011 with Olivia. Here's another video showing a bit more information. Sold with just a trollery and rail clamps, you'll be able to assemble your own slider at any length you choose. For longer runs another trolley block with roller bearings on each side keep the rails in position. The whole design is focused on keeping the costs down as much as possible. No word yet on pricing and availability, but other information can be found over at the JuicedLink blog.


JuicedLink is definitely down with DIY and looking out for the budget minded. We were actually setup on one of the JuicedLink DIY brackets for NAB2011 on the main camera, but it's great to hear pricing is even lower with volume pricing now that they've become popular. First starting out with DSLR Cage like brackets to easily mount accessories, now Robert is looking into making cost effective roller bearing sliders.

Interesting how you could be surrounded by millions of dollars worth of professional equipment, yet one of the coolest things on the floor is an unpolished DIY slider. The prototype slider looked a little rough on the edges, but I was pretty impressed with how well the fit was on the rails. Using standard cheap roller bearings and angled mounts to lock in between the rails, the movement was very effective with just about zero lash. [Thanks Olivia]

The idea behind the new DIY Slider is to sell only what needs precision manufacturing which can be shipped in a fairly small package. You can pick up your own rails in any type or length desired (so long as it fits the minimum OD - outside diameter) which not only brings down cost of overall unit, but also shipping. This modular design will allow you to have a 4ft. slider today, and a 6ft. one tomorrow. Great idea so far. I'm interested in seeing what the final version would look like. More information always at the JL blog here: JuicedLink sliders (click here).

find-price-button JuicedLink DIY Slider Kit

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Juicedlink contest 5d Mark II
visit-button JuicedLink.com Blog - Win Canon 5D Mark II Contest

I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to winning contests, but here's an easy one with an exciting little reward (should you win). JuicedLink.com has been holding contests giving away DSLR camera bodies for some time, and now the Canon 5D Mark II body is being offered up. Easy rules to follow including subscription to the newsletters, and everything else can be done all from the comfort of your bed. Hey, another reader found the RadioPopper.com contest I posted up on this blog and won some valuable goodies. Maybe the next person reading this article could be our winner. Good Luck and comment back if you win.


Someone asked about additional photos of the DS214. I thought i'd shoot a couple of side by side images next to the DT454 for comparison. If you're using a simple mini stereo connection like on the Rode VideoMic Pro, and don't need the XLR inputs, the DS214 should meet your needs.


JuicedLink DIY brackets

If you haven't been keeping up with JuicedLink.com, you might have missed the availability of a new line of accessory brackets. Yeah I know right? Juicedlink best known for some kick-ass audio gear, has a new small line of Camera Brackets. The DIY line of brackets are pretty straight forward where functionality comes first and well ....let just say everything else isn't as important.

Targeted to the budget minded who just need a good solid way of mounting the ever growing accessories such as microphones, LED lights, portable audio recorders, LCD Monitors, portable audio amps, wireless receivers, whosamawidgets, thingyamajingies, and even support for whatchamacallits. The DIY brackets take on some familiar shapes from straight, L bracket, and cage like with multiple alternating 3/8-16 & 1/4-20 unthreaded holes. It's also finished off with black anodizing to blend in with your gear. You can find the new brackets with photo galleries over at the JuicedLink.com website. (Can you mount rails? Yup, there's an image on the site).

Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 5.43.54 PM
visit-button JuicedLink DIY Accessory Brackets for Cameras


Watching more and more behind the scenes videos and especially those DSLR meetups going around, you'll catch tons of wicked DIY rigs amongst the crowd. It's quite interesting to see how many people connect and how many conversations can be started from simple ideas. Even though it's also available for purchase, when I released the SpiderTrax Dolly on the internet, it was released as a DIY project.


Igus, the manufacturer of linear guide rails, for the past few months have been selling a DIY kit over at Amazon to make your own Camera slider.

The most recent announcement of DIY gear for sale is from audiophile JuicedLink. Yeah unusual as it might sound coming from a purely Audio Gear company, they're taking a different approach to "securely and cost effectively mount stuff to your camera". Looks like they are working on a DSLR cage and bracket of some type very similar to the K-Tek KN2274 Norbert Camera Mount Frame, but let's hope it's not coming in at the same price range. There's a few raw mock up images of their ideas in place, and more information about their new product lineup at the following this link: https://juicedlink.com/blog/2010/09/new-product-preview-affordable-dslr-accessory-brackets/