JuicedLink DIY114B

Earlier this year JuicedLink showed off an inexpensive roller bearing prototype slider design at NAB2011 with Olivia. Here's another video showing a bit more information. Sold with just a trollery and rail clamps, you'll be able to assemble your own slider at any length you choose. For longer runs another trolley block with roller bearings on each side keep the rails in position. The whole design is focused on keeping the costs down as much as possible. No word yet on pricing and availability, but other information can be found over at the JuicedLink blog.

9 thoughts on “JuicedLink DIY114B

  1. Joel

    @Rabi - I dunno, I saw the interview that Olivia did with them at NAB and he claimed under $200 ... but I don't know exactly what that included/excluded.

  2. Rabi

    This is a company that sells accessory brackets for as much as $120, so I think it's safe to say this thing will become less interesting when they announce pricing.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Pichado - I think you can always upgrade to more solid rails, but if you have to run something that long, a real dolly track would work better.

  4. I think this is fantastic - simple, lightweight, compact... my only concern is the amount of flex the poles give.

    I created a DIY 10' Dolly/Slider similar to Rod Guajardo's extension ladder dolly. I initally used PVC pipe, but they flexed too much with the platform/camera/rig on it, and it showed so in the footage I got while using it. I had to upgrade to galvanized steel poles for more stability.

    With the way these require an additional 'stopper', if you will, to prevent the rails from flexing outwards, you can probably imagine the weight of the camera/rig aboard it causing a 'dip' while crossing over the middle. This is a big concern to me - perhaps I'm incorrect, and they're more stable than I think?

  5. Joel

    This is looking pretty sweet. I like the add-ons and the ball bearing wheels. Almost wish I had held off on the JG Pasternak version.

    Wonder what the Juiced Link price point will be...?

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