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Over at the Edelkrone booth, Kadir shows a line of products targeting compact camera systems. The new Pocket Series line of products transform from a 'battery-grip sized' block into common camera tools such as table top dolly, portable slider, stabilizing handles, shoulder stock with rails, and table stand. The design fits directly underneath DSLR camera bodies, or can be stacked together.

Edelkrone Pocket Series Slider

Edelkrone Pocket Skater Dolly Table Top

Edelkrone was also teasing us with a new concept in linear camera movement with it's prototype 'Wing'. A folding arm allows a camera to travel in a straight line, and depending on which direction the camera is facing you can use it for side to side tracking, push / pull, or vertical (jib-like) camera motion.

Edelkrone Wing Cheesycam Keiko
Edelkrone 'Wing' Concept Linear Camera Tracking

More information about the Pocket Series products can be found at https://Edelkrone.com
Edelkrone Pocket Series Rigs Stabilizers Support Dollies

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I guess the WF717 Fluid Head Standard 3/8" Mount was out of stock for a few months. The 3/8" standard mount (not bowl mount) is what is used for tripods with the extendable center column (neck). It might not be the most fluid head available, but the low price and the fact that it's made mostly of metal makes it very popular for use on top of Sliders and Table Dollies. It can also carry a decent amount of weight and is used to support small small Jibs / Cranes, or under Sliders.

The WF717 standard 3/8" mount is Available via Amazon (Click Here)

wf717 fluid head
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount

And also available via eBay (Click Here).

wf717 fluid head standard not bowl
find-price-button WF717 Fluid Head Standard (not Bowl) 3/8" Base Mount


Earlier this year JuicedLink showed off an inexpensive roller bearing prototype slider design at NAB2011 with Olivia. Here's another video showing a bit more information. Sold with just a trollery and rail clamps, you'll be able to assemble your own slider at any length you choose. For longer runs another trolley block with roller bearings on each side keep the rails in position. The whole design is focused on keeping the costs down as much as possible. No word yet on pricing and availability, but other information can be found over at the JuicedLink blog.



When Borrowlenses.com first started out, there wasn't much available for Videographers (mainly photographers). It seems the line of rental equipment that can be had is expanding and includes some very cool stuff. A small 7 piece set of Zeiss Compact Prime lenses can go for upwards of $24K, or around $5K each. Not something most people want to invest in, but at least now it can be rented. Remember that you don't need to be in the area to pick the rental up, they'll box it up and ship it right out to you. You should check prices of Rental gear to see if you can squeeze add it into the client's budget. That could save you some cash for items you don't use very often.


Also adding in to the lineup of things is a DSLR slider. One rental piece available is the consistently sold out Signature Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly - by Kessler. Boy would I love to see some Cinevate Linear tracking systems on that list too. There's also Glidecam Stabilizers, and LED Video Lights, but extremely short on the DSLR Shoulder rig lineup (sucks). Much more available at the site and the list seems to be growing every week. All found following the link.

visit-button BorrowLenses Website Camera Equipment Rental


YouTube member John Waskey writes in and shares his secret to a budget Motion controlled Timelapse slider. As an Astronomy fan, he uses a Telescope Motor mounted to a Kessler Dolly. Probably one of the best variable speed motors i've seen that can run you just under $40 bucks, specs on it state it can last up to 40 hours on a single 9 volt battery. What's the top speed? I'm not sure, but it can move slow enough to produce great time lapse footage, and it's already boxed up ready to mount. You can find these motors available below. [Thanks John]

via Amazon:
Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 9.23.58 AM
find-price-button Telescope Motor Drive

via eBay:
Telescop Motor Time Lapse
find-price-button Variable Speed Telescope Motor for DIY Motion Time Lapse Slider



I don't know if I missed this, or this just showed up. Looks like E-Image is adding more products to their attack on the DSLR market. Here's what looks to be like a very effective camera slider using seperate linear guide rails. The carrier for the camera looks quite familiar to the 'guys in yellow and black'. This setup looks like they want to go long, calling it a video track kit.


The end plates require that you use two tripods to use this 'video track kit', and this design doesn't appear to be a solid setup for plain floor use. It's quite possible to make different ends with feet and legs to further make this a more versatile product, we'll just have to wait and see where they are going with this. For now you can try to keep up with the new products here: https://www.eimagevideo.com/enproductSeries.asp?fl=183


Probably the best rail for a DIY slider, I believe this would be the same as a Glidetrack, is the Linear Guide rail from Igus. Normally used for Robotics, these precision machined aluminum rails use Dry bearings to slide. No greasy bearings. A.K.A. ZaZa slider, you can find more information here https://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?t=145701

After reading a few threads and checking out the ZaZa slider group over at Vimeo.com, I decided to build my own. This post is really late because I had already ordered this item about half a year ago, but finally decided to finish it with a Fluid Head. It pretty much just sat waiting for this last piece. It's a work in progress, i'll probably change from one Tripod to 2 (1 each side) for more stability. I'll use Quick Release plates on each end to break it down faster. Oh well, here's my first run.

[Update] After the popularity of this DIY Project, the company IGUS now sells the complete kit and some predrilled. Here's the link to grab possibly the cheapest high quality DSLR Video Camera slider: Igus DIY Slider Kits

find-price-button Igus DIY Slider Kits