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Over at the Edelkrone booth, Kadir shows a line of products targeting compact camera systems. The new Pocket Series line of products transform from a 'battery-grip sized' block into common camera tools such as table top dolly, portable slider, stabilizing handles, shoulder stock with rails, and table stand. The design fits directly underneath DSLR camera bodies, or can be stacked together.

Edelkrone Pocket Series Slider

Edelkrone Pocket Skater Dolly Table Top

Edelkrone was also teasing us with a new concept in linear camera movement with it's prototype 'Wing'. A folding arm allows a camera to travel in a straight line, and depending on which direction the camera is facing you can use it for side to side tracking, push / pull, or vertical (jib-like) camera motion.

Edelkrone Wing Cheesycam Keiko
Edelkrone 'Wing' Concept Linear Camera Tracking

More information about the Pocket Series products can be found at https://Edelkrone.com
Edelkrone Pocket Series Rigs Stabilizers Support Dollies

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Procinematools.com throws up a short video review showing the Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder. These types of brackets are great when you need to readjust the position of your monitor or EVF through the day and they don't tend to spin loose like traditional friction arms. The Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder can be found at https://Edelkrone.com and often cheaper through eBay (found here).

Edelkrone EVF MonitorEdelkrone EVF
find-price-button Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder


Edelkrone joins eBay to sell of a few of the demo rigs that were being shown at NAB2011 before these items are available online. There seems to be a few of the double shoulder mount rigs available, and also that little traveling 'Pocket Rig'. The Pocket Rig folds to about the size of a DSLR battery grip, and unfolds to a shoulder stock and basic rod support. As usual, they've never been able to please buyers with pricing, (expect high prices) but if you're interested you can find the demo items being auctioned following the link below.

find-price-button Edelkrone eBay Auctions for NAB2011 Demos