Edelkrone EVF / Monitor Holder

Procinematools.com throws up a short video review showing the Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder. These types of brackets are great when you need to readjust the position of your monitor or EVF through the day and they don't tend to spin loose like traditional friction arms. The Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder can be found at https://Edelkrone.com and often cheaper through eBay (found here).

Edelkrone EVF MonitorEdelkrone EVF
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9 thoughts on “Edelkrone EVF / Monitor Holder

  1. Mr C

    Still kind of have a bad taste in my mouth from the scam they pulled with their contest. They claimed to have a $25 value prize that you gain entry to by purchasing their products within a certain time period. After changing and delaying the date of the prize draw over and over, it just vanished of their website. After complaints on their FB page about it they pretty much just told everybody 'sorry tough luck we're not following through with it.' Not that I ever imagine winning one of those things, but it's pretty uncool to deceive people like that.

  2. Doc Hutch

    Would love to buy some of Edelkrone's products but the idea buying outside the states and having something have to come through customs is just not worth it. I mean imagine having to return the item. EDELKRONE GET A US DEALER!!!!

  3. Luke Kwan

    U were kidding emm when u said quick!

    I had the 1st gen monitor holders that was included with their handy base x models.

    The latest version with their modula series is by far bette!

    1) for monitors that have ports at the bottom like my smallhd dp6 the oringal designed failed because you couldn't plug the monitor in! I had to resort to using a friction arm while the LCD bracket was repurposed for a LCD light.

    2) being able to move it slightly when changing angles without kissing anything is a great feature!

    I just recently noticed that it was getting too right to move freely like intended. There are 3 hex screws that need to be slightly adjust so that it can move freely but at the same time stay put!

  4. Ive used this on some shoots recently. Perfect for a DP4 and probably a DP6 but lilliput and other models with the battery tend to slip for me. Without the battery theyre fine.

  5. Chaz Rough

    Bought one several months back, expensive, but a solid piece of equipment. Great product!

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