Edelkrone Offs NAB Demos

Edelkrone joins eBay to sell of a few of the demo rigs that were being shown at NAB2011 before these items are available online. There seems to be a few of the double shoulder mount rigs available, and also that little traveling 'Pocket Rig'. The Pocket Rig folds to about the size of a DSLR battery grip, and unfolds to a shoulder stock and basic rod support. As usual, they've never been able to please buyers with pricing, (expect high prices) but if you're interested you can find the demo items being auctioned following the link below.

find-price-button Edelkrone eBay Auctions for NAB2011 Demos

12 thoughts on “Edelkrone Offs NAB Demos

  1. Curtis

    Just bought a T3i and a few lens and upon first look at this thought, "now this is a great idea and probably cost a fraction of those $500 glidecam rigs". Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Such a diminutive product with tremendous potential but the inflated price has deflated my excitement. I'd pay $200-$250, no more.

    email me when it has gone down.

  2. Jerry

    I was really excited when I saw this, so I checked out their ebay listings, and, yeah, I wasn´t so excited anymore. Great great product + overpricing = unhappy consumers

  3. I mean, I like the novelty of the pocket rig. But the minute you add anything to it and you lose the pocket element. So I'd rather keep my 500$ and spend it on something else.

  4. It's a bummer these are so expensive, that was the coolest demo video I've seen for a camera rig. I'm definitely going to try and make a pocket rig, such a cool idea.

  5. Damir

    Yeah, love their producst but don't know If I will be able to afford it.
    2,900$ (or Euros?) for the bundle with Follow focus is just to much.
    But I guess they will have different bundles like they used to with Base.X

    There is another problem, they are in Turkey so there is more to pay for customs... and in my case that is alot, 30-40%

  6. That pocket rig is great. It reminds me of the Manfrotto 361 shoulder brace diy rig, but with locking positions and more importantly 15mm rods. Too bad I can't afford it.

  7. Austin

    All this gear is cool but Why would I spend so much on just a rig? I mean thats twice the price of a T2I, I think I'll Stick to my DIY Stuff and old shoulder support i found at the good will.

  8. Rabi

    I really hope these guys can figure out how to get their prices down, because their products are extremely interesting. In a market where everyone is making the same products with slight variations, it's cool to see stuff as radically different as Edelkrone's.

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