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Some wardrobe hangers set on a couple of Push up bars are the foundation for this pretty slick DIY motion control slider by Vimeo member Jayhas. A wireless RC remote and continuous servo control the speed, and the basic rig is comprised of a few skateboard trucks. I think I have a good idea on how it all works, but there isn't a very clear tutorial on the build. Hopefully we'll see a follow up with a closer inspection to how it was all assembled. You could find some additional information following the link.


Vimeo member C Light gives us a better look at the components involved to assemble the DIY motion controlled Konova Slider. Looks like a continuous servo, servo speed controller, and some clever pulley placements. The Konova is a full bearing slider, so it takes very little effort to slide even heavy camera set ups. This DIY is a great way to control smooth consistent horizontal movements, but I wouldn't suggest trying to pull the carrier up on a steep vertical move. [Thanks Gordon].

Konova Slider
find-price-button Konova Roller Bearing Slider


YouTube member John Waskey writes in and shares his secret to a budget Motion controlled Timelapse slider. As an Astronomy fan, he uses a Telescope Motor mounted to a Kessler Dolly. Probably one of the best variable speed motors i've seen that can run you just under $40 bucks, specs on it state it can last up to 40 hours on a single 9 volt battery. What's the top speed? I'm not sure, but it can move slow enough to produce great time lapse footage, and it's already boxed up ready to mount. You can find these motors available below. [Thanks John]

via Amazon:
Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 9.23.58 AM
find-price-button Telescope Motor Drive

via eBay:
Telescop Motor Time Lapse
find-price-button Variable Speed Telescope Motor for DIY Motion Time Lapse Slider


YouTube member dalecampbellextras shows that a large mechanical kitchen timer can rotate more than just a small GoPro camera. Here he's showing use with a Canon DSLR and the timer still seems to rotate pretty well. I notice that in the video, there's talk about Center of Balance. If you've already picked up a Macro Rail Slider this could help center the weight. These mechanical timers are great for DIY panning rigs, but with a bit of string i'm guessing it can pull a camera across the Konova slider (no batteries required). [Thanks Dale]

Dale has some links to the products through his YouTube video, for eBay and Amazon the closest thing I could find similar would be the Large Kitchen Timers.
Screen shot 2011-02-05 at 11.23.51 PM
find-price-button Large Mechanical Kitchen Timer

The traditional Egg Timer has always been used as a Panning Rig, but curious if anyone has taken that Rotisserie motor and used it for this same purpose?