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April, 2015 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas Konova showcased a new K-Cine Video Camera Slider designed to take the heavy payload of high end professional camera systems. This new K-Cine Video Slider has officially opened up for sale today.

konova double rail system k-cine video slider dolly
find-price-button Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Video Camera Slider

Imagine taking two heavy duty sliders and turning them on their sides. Now double up the carriers on each rail (total 4), so that you're moving on a total of 12 steel roller bearings. That should give you a basic idea on it's design, but here's an NAB Show interview with more details (video below).

Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Cinema Slider

The K-Cine Video Camera Slider is offered up in two lengths from 47" (120cm) to 60" (150cm). Variable drag can be set to allow friction during your slide, and two independent brakes can lock the car from movement.

konova k-cine double rail system
konova k-cine slider dolly 12 bearings

The Max Payload the K-Cine can support is up to 154lbs, and each Kit will also include a rolling hard case for travel. The K-Cine Camera Video Sliders are available now via eBay (click here).

Konova K-Cine Slider Carrying Case
Konova Motorized Slider Systems
Konova K-Cine Video Slider
find-price-button Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Video Camera Slider

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At NAB2103 Konova announced two new video camera sliders to extend the product line of roller bearing video sliders. The smaller K1 roller bearing slider is now even more portable to address the smaller compact video cameras that are becoming increasingly more popular. The K1 is now the most affordable roller bearing video slider in the Konova product line.

The larger K7 Video Camera Sliders use a wider rail with special cut outs to lighten the system without affecting it's overall structural integrity. The larger slider with wide railings are targeting the new trend of larger broadcast systems and the push for 4K heavy ENG style cameras. The new Konova K1 and K7 Video Camera Sliders can already be found via eBay (below).

Konova K1 Video Rail Portable LightweightKonova K1 Video Slider
find-price-button Konova K1 Lightweight Portable Video Slider

Konova K7 Video Camera SliderKonova K7 Video Slider
find-price-button Konova K7 ENG Broadcast Video Camera Slider


NAB is one of those shows where companies try to announce new innovative products. Now that we're about a week away, you'll start to see a few product teasers being released online, just like this new product teaser from the Konova company.

This Motorized Slider (slash) Motorized Pan Tilt Head (slash) Crane / Jib product combines several tools in one unit and is controlled by their Smart Controller system which offers advanced Motion Control Time Lapse functionality. That's about all the information I have so far, but expect to find many new products to be released following the NAB show at KonovaPhoto.com.

find-price-button Konova Slider Jib Crane Pan Tilt Head Motorized


Here's an interesting video that Nitsan has shared to help smooth out your video slider movements. By using the Konova Slider with Crank Handle Kit (seen here), a weight is added in place of the Crank Arm. The momentum of the spinning weight prevents jerky movements or harsh stop/starts. As mentioned in the video, it's best to use a balanced weight. Another modification was to flip the belt pulley backwards so that it's operating on the smooth side. Great little tip, and it makes a bit of sense. Let me know if you guys try this out and leave some comments below.

Konova Sliders and the Crank Handle Kit can both be found on the product page (here)
find-price-button Konova Sliders, Upgrade Legs, and Crank System


Vimeo member Jayhas couldn't wait for Konova to release a faster motor for it's motorized upgrade kit, so he took it upon himself to add his own. Here's a comparison of the original Konova Motorized Pulley System with slow motor and a 60rpm gear motor mounted to a DIY slider. Watch the top portion of the video to see how different the maximum speed is on both. [Thanks Jayhas]. You can find some additional information on the Konova Upgrade Kits here http://cheesycam.com/konova-motorized-upgrade-kit-now-available/

Konova Upgrade Kit
find-price-button Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit for Konova Sliders


New F-V-Video slider

Another new roller bearing video camera slider takes place on the market. This one is coming from F&V, which is the same company to release the popular Z96 LED Video light. Full roller bearings, folding legs, rubberized feet, and comes with travel bag.

F&V Camera SliderVideo Camera Roller bearing slider

Looks like a solid build, but with Konova's recent Crank Pulley and Motorized Upgrade kits, there's still more expansion to go with a Konova slider. Unless F&V is thinking about adding something different to their sliders, it's going to be a tough market to jump into. (Click here to find F&V Camera Sliders)

F&V New Video Camera Slider
find-price-button F&V Video Camera Roller Bearing Slider


Konova threw up a few Timelapse teasers of their Motorized upgrade kit a few days ago. With a motorized attachment, you will definitely get more consistent movement time and time again as opposed to operating by hand. One con of course is the added noise from said motor.

With all the questions coming around, I thought I would put together this video talking about the differences in the Konova sliders, and how you can get the upgrade kits to work. Basically, figure out if you're using the K3 or K5 slider. If you have the old K3 (old feet) you need the updgrade kit. Lastly, you need to figure out the length of the slider you have. The kits will mount on both the K3 or K5 slider if they are the same length.

A few people have already placed orders on the kit, and hopefully we'll get to see some reviews on this soon. Motorizing a slider is one of the most sought after DIY projects with sliders, and if you don't have the time or the knack, the new Konova Motorized upgrade kit is available, but it's going to cost you (approx $360) a pretty penny (Click here for info on Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit)

Konova Upgrade Kit
find-price-button Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit for Konova Sliders

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Wondlan Slider Kit Mini DV Rail

Wondlan seems to be on a roll with releasing products, but not so much when it comes to pricing them against already successful existing products on the market. This time they are offering a new DV Mini Slider Rail (not really mini), so far in lengths of 80cm and 100cm (32 inches & 39 inches). The new Wondlan Slider Rail probably wins for the 'most unflattering pair of legs' i've ever seen on a slider, but I guess they wanted solid support for their low Vertical positions.
Wondlan Vertical Slider
find-price-button Wondlan DV Mini Slider Rail

Now the pricing isn't per say 'terrible', and it is around the same pricing as the smaller Konova units. But in my mind, unless you have something very different to offer, Konova's slider is leading with a huge head start and proven performance. Konova has also laid out some future groundwork and have been showing motorized and crank additions to their K3 and K5 sliders that should be backwards compatible.

Even Varavon has released their latest Mini Lightweight slider, that appeals to the Micro camera market. The only thing that could possibly make a difference is the bearing carrier design for Wondlan. The Konova carrier can be a bit finicky and takes some adjustment, and Wondlan's does appear to be different. We'll just have to wait and see who's got the better slide. You can find those new Wondlan Sliders online following the link (click here).

find-price-button Wondlan DV Mini Slider Rail


I don't know exactly when it happened, but it happened. Although i'm a big fan of the Konova slider, I always wished they had a smaller version than 31". At 31" inches, that was just a little bit too long to pack in some of my bags when traveling. So recently they just started listing a smaller 60cm / 23.6" version which still has the new leg / feet design. Having a shorter run slider also makes it easier to balance on a single tripod.

In fact I even went as far as cutting down one of my IGUS rails because I really wanted something down to the 24" length. At just over 23" inches, this slider can be worn with the tripod carrier of your backpack. You can start to find the shorter Konova sliders popping up online (click here).

find-price-button Konova K3 60cm 23.6" Video Slider