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Konova K5 vs K3 Slider Compare

Konova has one of the most popular roller bearing sliders on the market, and has now made available their new K5 slider which is a slightly larger version. The larger bearings and slightly larger carrier answers the call for supporting heavier payloads. Hopefully I should have a video review of this unit up soon, but i'm just getting back from CES Las Vegas. You can find more images comparing the new K5 against the smaller K3 slider over at the new listing (click here).

Konova K5 Bearings vs K3 BearingsKonova K5 bearings vs K3 Carrier bearings
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Vimeo member C Light gives us a better look at the components involved to assemble the DIY motion controlled Konova Slider. Looks like a continuous servo, servo speed controller, and some clever pulley placements. The Konova is a full bearing slider, so it takes very little effort to slide even heavy camera set ups. This DIY is a great way to control smooth consistent horizontal movements, but I wouldn't suggest trying to pull the carrier up on a steep vertical move. [Thanks Gordon].

Konova Slider
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Nice little DIY to motorize a Konova slider. Using a continuous Servo (some servos don't rotate continuously) and Servo controller Vimeo member C Light gives us a sneak peek at work in progress. Servos are more common with slow speed rotations than DC motors. You could probably bring this thing to a very very slow crawl. This small servo setup can easily pull the Konova carrier across the rail in a smooth and consistent fashion because it's completely based on actual Roller Bearings (unlike friction sliders). Of course this setup shouldn't be attempted to pull the carrier in any type of vertical position. [Thanks C Light]

Konova Slider
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Using the GoPro in odd ways. DIY suction mount to the hood of a car, on a monopod as a Golf Putter, and did you know it fits perfectly inside a Golf Hole? Playing with the Konova Camera Slider out on the course. Just total randomness and plain fun.

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Konova Slider
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Konova made a huge impact on the scene when they released their very affordable Roller Bearing slider not long ago. Now they are showing off two new slider versions one for heavier cameras and another for extremely light weight cameras (even down to iPhones). Another optional upgrade they will be offering with their future sliders are 'folding legs'. If you're familiar with the basic version, these new folding leg upgrades should make the sliders easier to pack up instead of having to remove them completely off of the slider rail each time you pack. These are both new sliders which are not available yet, and will not be replacing the original current version found below.
find-price-button Konova video Camera Rolling Bearing DSLR Slider

Konova is also looking to offer a new three wheel skater dolly similar to a few very high end designs that are already on the market. Using three wheels on a rotating dolly makes it more complicated to line up your subject, but with the use of a Laser pointer, adjustments can be fairly accurate. This new 3-wheeled version (not yet available) will be marketed towards larger and heavier cameras, and will not replace the first version more affordable 4-wheeled version which is found below.

find-price-button Rotating Video Camera Skater Dolly


Konova is now pushing a small Fluid Head for their SpiderTrax-Like Rotating Video Dolly or their popular Camera Roller Bearing Slider. This new little fluid head could be slightly compared to the Manfrotto 128RC or even the very nice Calumet Video Fluid Head. Obviously for a cheaper price, and possibly not at the same level of build quality. Either way, i'm sure it's a great little low profile fluid head for many DIY projects, but if you could afford to, you might want to check out the Calumet Fluid Head or Manfrotto Fluid Head.

find-price-button Konova Mini Video and Photo Fluid Head

BTW - Did anyone catch that other seller for the Konova Roller Bearing Slider that offers free shipping? Essentially saving you another $50 bucks? [Thanks Chris S.]

Found here:
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Not sure if you can see the thumbnail in the video, but something about that slider doesn't look quite right. Oh yeah it's upside down! Vimeo member phoSumpro! shows a new way to use the Konova slider. Actually seems like a new way to use any camera slider. By mounting the slider upside down with the carrier Tripod, he's actually sliding the entire rail (not the carrier). I'll let the video explain why this was done, but that's one pretty cool trick. Sorry guys, but don't think this would work on a non Roller Bearing type slider. [Thanks phoSumpro!]

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Someone commented the other day about the Konova slider not being available and another person questioning if it will arrive. I'm not sure how long they were offline, but they seem to be back again and they are definitely shipping. Here's another recent unboxing and short video clip samples from Vimeo member NetMedia. Instead of using a Fluid video head, he's gone with a 3 way photography head. Although panning while sliding could be tricky, you can achieve some crazy camera angles with this type of head. NetMedia seems to be pretty happy with it. Of course they do sell such a thing as a 3 way fluid head, which works well for panning small cameras.
find-price-button Konova video Camera Rolling Bearing DSLR Slider


Ok, so the cheap slider I posted sold out in less than a day. Many jumped on the deal (including myself), and many waited to see if it was even worth the price. It's probably the cheapest roller bearing slider i've seen, but here's a few more teaser images to see if we've made the right decision. Personally, I think it was a killer deal. Will it be available again? Who knows....

Is this adjustable Friction?

Optional Light Stand Mount

The 'Feet' can be combined to do Vertical Slides, or just use a Tripod to mount for Vertical Sliding

They do list it on their company website, but they're completely out of stock and not for the same price. As soon as I find it's been listed back on eBay, you'll find it right here. I sugggest you subscribe to my RSS and get notified as soon as I post something, or just keep checking back. Don't worry peeps, i'm on the ball, but these new pictures look good and show a bit more quality in the build than what the auction was showing. I think it was all worth it...