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Kamerar Triangle Skate Dolly skater dslr
Kamerar Triangle DSLR Skater Dolly


Good times! The brand new lightweight and portable Cinevate Duzi Video Slider just dropped in yesterday. It is an impressive little product, and Cinevate's most affordable slider to date. Obviously i'll have my own reasons about working with such a slider, but while I have her around, are there any questions some of you might have? Let me know in the comments.

Cinevate Duzi Slider Cheesycam 2

For technical specs, you can check out the Duzi Product Page (found here).



Is a three wheel dolly better than a four wheel SpiderTrax dolly? It's definitely more difficult for the average DIY'er to tackle, and unless you have clear markings on the wheels, setting the rotation can be a bit tricky. There's one thing that a three wheel dolly can do that a four wheel can't, and that's rotate in 360 degrees without changing the center axis. Not super helpful as a camera movement since you can already do that with a basic Fluid Head, but if you place a stage and a product, you'll have yourself a nice 'lazy susan' style rotating table. Outside of that party trick movements are pretty much the same. Here's another version of a three wheeled rotating camera dolly (technically 6 wheels) by the same guys who make the iPad Prompter on 15mm Rails, and looks like a pretty solid build.

find-price-button Rotating Three Wheel Camera Dolly Skater


Olivia talks to Eric from International Supplies about a few of Varavon's products. One product is the Slidecam Slim slider that is said to hold up to 41lbs (that's pretty hefty), comes with a Video Head, legs, and travel bag. This new all aluminum Slim Slider will weigh about 2.5kg and be available in 1m length. Sounds pretty cool so far. Varavon has a few different model sliders available, and below is a comparison chart.


One Slidecam Slim showed up on eBay for an asking price of $550, which is almost twice the price of the current popular Konova slider. Pricing has always been an obstacle for Varavon products so far, so let's hope that's not going to be the retail. You can find other Varavon products including their popular View Finder products on eBay following the link.

find-price-button Varavon View Finders, DSLR Armor, Camera Sliders

Or as stated in the video, you can find some Varavon products over at B&H
Varavon Slidecam Mini
find-price-button Varavon Slidecam and View Finder Products at B&H


rolling camera dollyrolling camera dolly

New double rail camera slider design (or dolly) on the market. This one doesn't look like it comes off the rails for some smooth table action, so it's pretty useless except to roll on it's rails. Very little specs, but it looks like standard 15mm rods with tripod mount ends. Even if it doesn't come off for the tables, the very simple design looks like it would be very efficient as a straight slider and with wide rails looks pretty stable. Very cool to see a bowl mount for quick leveling too. Pricing is just way too high to make a move on this market...

rolling camera dolly
find-price-button Straight Double Rail Dolly with bowl mount

If you're looking to get a real double rail slider, the best one on the market would be Cinevate's Pegasus. Not only does it run on inexpensive rails, but it comes off the track for all that smooth table action, as well as a rotating dolly shot. Nice little example put together by Cinevate below. Found here: https://Cinevate.com/Pegasus


Vimeo member Lolo Two is at it again, but this time with a more 'polished' (no pun intended) version of his DIY Conduit Slider. The first version here: http://cheesycam.com/diy-conduit-camera-slider/ using 1/2" conduit piping looked like a simple build, but this new version (the Big Brother) with more surface area, polished piping, and double the couplers seems like a very solid build. You'll notice the smooth tracking with a simple push from a screwdriver, and the amount of weight thrown on with a Cinder Block. Very very cool stuff. [Thanks Lolo Two]


Someone commented the other day about the Konova slider not being available and another person questioning if it will arrive. I'm not sure how long they were offline, but they seem to be back again and they are definitely shipping. Here's another recent unboxing and short video clip samples from Vimeo member NetMedia. Instead of using a Fluid video head, he's gone with a 3 way photography head. Although panning while sliding could be tricky, you can achieve some crazy camera angles with this type of head. NetMedia seems to be pretty happy with it. Of course they do sell such a thing as a 3 way fluid head, which works well for panning small cameras.
find-price-button Konova video Camera Rolling Bearing DSLR Slider



Alright, this next post is going to break a few hearts out there. I'm talking about the hearts of companies making Video Camera Sliders. Camera sliders are a big deal as one of the most sought after DSLR Video tools. When used properly it can add a Cinematic effect that's very hard to replicate. Unfortunately, the good ones are out of small budgets, and the cheap ones are under par. For those just starting out, there's the mostly sloppy but capable $99 dollar mini slider based arond 80/20 extruded aluminum. No bearings, just plastic over metal and lots of play in the mount. I have one, it works, and you get what you pay for. You gotta just accept it, and move on.

For those with a bit more of a budget and some DIY skills, you can go the DIY IGUS camera slider route. For the IGUS route, you can get away with a decent slider that's lightweight and sturdy for about $150 dollars. I have that too, but to save on this piece, you'll need some DIY skills. If you lack DIY skills, there's other companies loosely based around the IGUS Drylin rails that sells ready made sliders, but now you're looking at over $300 dollars (without shipping). After the IGUS stuff, you're looking well over $600 dollars for the next best thing.


Here's where it gets real interesting. A long time ago I posted about a new slider that was first introduced by Varavon. I'm not sure if that's their baby or a rebranded product, but you can find that old school article here: http://cheesycam.com/varavon-profinder-angled-lcd-view-finder/. Now in my last paragraph of that old article I stated that introduction price was going to be a killer. I believe that slider was being offered at over $$600 dollars at the time. Guess what people - I called it, and sure enough that slider disappeared and was just about never heard from again.

Well here's the heartbreaking news (for cam slider companies). It's just resurfaced and with a bit of a face lift too. Sometimes going under Varavon, CamSlide, SlideCam, bbosasi, or Konova - This time she comes back online at a more affordable price. Filling the void between the sloppy $99 dollar versions and the ready made $300+ sliders, this guy sits somewhere in between. Unlike even the $300+ dollar ready made sliders, this one comes with with actual roller bearings. A design that's only available in higher end $500+ dollar camera sliders. A few more additions is the design that only requires one tripod with a ready to mount tripod plate in center, or for extra stability comes with tripod mounting plates on each end. It also comes with it's own legs and adjustable feet to be used without a tripod and on any uneven surface. It can also be vertically mounted, which is something you'll never find anywhere near this price range. If you've done your research for a good slider, you know this is a crazy amount of build quality and features being offered at this price.

So what am I really trying to say about this slider and this price? Well, for starters this slider is back from the dead and that's an important note. This single tool is looking to penetrate the DSLR market and get more exposure. It's being offered at less than half the price of it's previous induction. Is this price set? Will prices get cheaper? You never know, and i'm hoping that it does. But honestly my gut feeling says no. It looks like it's a marketing move to drive exposure to this product. Once the world knows about it, then it's all a game of supply and demand. Like the Z96 LED video light, prices haven't fallen - Instead prices went up. So even though it's a bit of heart breaking news at this price, don't fear Camera slider companies from abroad, I don't think it's going to last long.


For the shooters out there who might be looking for a quality video slider with roller bearings, vertical mounting, and the other many features, this one is much better than the IGUS stuff. This might be a price that's not going to last long. I know how fast deals can disappear after posting anything on this blog, and you bet your &^%$*! I ordered one at this price. I'll get a review on as soon as it drops in....

[Update Update Update]!! In just about an hour, there were 17 sliders purchased. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the price just jumped $10 US dollars.

find-price-button Camera Slider with Roller Bearings, Adjustable Feet, Vertical Mounts



Vimeo member J.G. Pasterjak shows how you can take a few pieces of angled iron, 8 skate wheels, and some miscellaneous nuts and bolts to whip up a 'Ladder Dolly' inspired slider design. He doesn't really mention the words Ladder Dolly, but this design has basically been around for quite a while. Cheap ladder dollies although will still run you upwards of $700 dollars, and that's still missing the $100+ dollar Ladder. His design if being selective of where you choose your parts, in my own head, i'm estimating still falls under the $45 dollar mark and you can get away with just about anything for rails. You can find his DIY video here: DIY Inexpensive Camera Slider.

Below i've embedded a video from Hague showcasing the layout of wheels used for a Ladder Dolly Design. You can find more information about the Hague here: Video Camera Ladder Dolly System

If you're not the DIY type and want a cheap rail slider, the best deal so far and most popular is the IGUS kit from Amazon. You can see my IGUS DIY build here: http://cheesycam.com/diy-camera-slider/. Some IGUS systems cost around $80 dollars, but I suggest going for the wider rail that's already pre-drilled and just about ready to go. Found here: IGUS Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders - pre-drilled version