DIY Camera ‘Ladder Dolly’ Designed Slider


Vimeo member J.G. Pasterjak shows how you can take a few pieces of angled iron, 8 skate wheels, and some miscellaneous nuts and bolts to whip up a 'Ladder Dolly' inspired slider design. He doesn't really mention the words Ladder Dolly, but this design has basically been around for quite a while. Cheap ladder dollies although will still run you upwards of $700 dollars, and that's still missing the $100+ dollar Ladder. His design if being selective of where you choose your parts, in my own head, i'm estimating still falls under the $45 dollar mark and you can get away with just about anything for rails. You can find his DIY video here: DIY Inexpensive Camera Slider.

Below i've embedded a video from Hague showcasing the layout of wheels used for a Ladder Dolly Design. You can find more information about the Hague here: Video Camera Ladder Dolly System

If you're not the DIY type and want a cheap rail slider, the best deal so far and most popular is the IGUS kit from Amazon. You can see my IGUS DIY build here: Some IGUS systems cost around $80 dollars, but I suggest going for the wider rail that's already pre-drilled and just about ready to go. Found here: IGUS Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders - pre-drilled version

8 thoughts on “DIY Camera ‘Ladder Dolly’ Designed Slider

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  2. I built the same thing after I saw this video. It came together pretty easy and it works great. Put a ball head mount on the top of it so you can level your camera and your all set to slide both horizontal and diagonal.

  3. JayDee

    I think J.G.'s design is better than the Hague who uses a HUGE ladder: not really practical to move around from shoot to shoot.

    I might give it a try: I've been wanting a slider for way too long now.

    Thanks for the DIY !

  4. Oddly enough, the entire concept of "Ladder Dolly" never even entered my rudimentary, reptilian brain. It's like I looked at a panther and a housecat and said "Those two things are completely different and not related at all and one doesn't even remind me of the other in the least."

    I mean, I'v used ladder dollies. Had I remembered that, I'd have probably looked back at some design elements. For God's sake, I even USED A TINY LADDER as part of the build at one point.

    Getting old sucks.

    Glad everyone liked it.


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