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Like many, I was using Manfrotto Video Monopods such as the 561BHDV, but later started working with the Sirui P-204S for the option of the sturdy 'locking base'. But recently Manfrotto has started offering the new XPRO Fluid Panning Base that includes a Vertical Locking feature.


The XPRO Video Monopods come in a few different flavors depending if you want Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, 4-Section, or a 5-Section and kits are available with or without a Video Head. These systems are fairly new and many websites haven't fully listed all the available options. The kit i've chosen is the MVMXPRO500US which is already available for purchase (found here).

Learn-More-sm Manfrotto MVMXPRO500US XPRO Video Monopod with Locking Base

So recently I shared an image of a few 15mm Rails and Clamps and asked people to give it their best guess of why I was sharing the image. I was going wait a day to update everyone, but the game didn't last very long.

15mm Rods 15mm Clamps Aluminum

Well Marc did guess correctly that the pieces were going to be used for a Gimbal Stand. Congrats! I'll be contacting that person via email to send a $25 Dollar Amazon E-Gift Card, thanks everyone for participating.

Sometimes something so simple can be eluding, but the idea works flawlessly. Here's what the stand looks like once it's been assembled.

cheesycam DIY 15mm Gimbal Stand Rails Rod Clamps

Of course here's a little video of how it all comes together.

And here's a list of parts that many of you may already have, but if not these are some of the cheaper parts I could find to get you started building your own 15mm Gimbal Stand.

You'll need (4) 15mm 90 Degree Clamps at the corners of the stand.
90 degree 15mm clamp
find-price-button 15mm 90 Degree Clamps

You'll need (1) 15mm Dogbone (side-by-side) Rail Clamp to hold the two pieces together.
15mm dogbone clamp
find-price-button 15mm Dogbone (side-by-side) Clamp

You'll need (4) 12" 15mm Rods for the top and the bottom bars. These are some of the cheaper Aluminum ones I can find.
12 inch 15mm rails rods gimbal stand DIY
find-price-button 12 Inch 15mm Rods

You'll need (2) 18" 15mm Rods for the Vertical (upright) Rods to give enough height for small gimbals. Go longer if you have a CAMETV sized Gimbal.
18 inch 15mm rods rails aluminum
find-price-button 18 Inch 15mm Rods

If you want super lightweight with a nice finish, then I suggest choosing matte black Carbon Fiber Rods. Not quite as cheap as Aluminum, but if that's your thing, make sure to check out some very affordable 15mm Rails over at PVGear.com.

pvgear 15mm rods carbon fiber

OTHER IDEAS? Possibly for a non-slip surface is to add some Heat Shrink tubing over the rods and possibly rubber O-Rings at the tips of the base rods to prevent sliding around.


Good times! The brand new lightweight and portable Cinevate Duzi Video Slider just dropped in yesterday. It is an impressive little product, and Cinevate's most affordable slider to date. Obviously i'll have my own reasons about working with such a slider, but while I have her around, are there any questions some of you might have? Let me know in the comments.

Cinevate Duzi Slider Cheesycam 2

For technical specs, you can check out the Duzi Product Page (found here).


Like most 'affordable' Stabilizing Vests on the market, build quality isn't really an issue for me. The problem I have is that they require a very heavy 'minimum' amount of load weight to work properly. Here's a great review about the Wondlan Leopard IV Stabilizer System from YouTube member Landon Donoho [Thanks Landon], but you'll notice they had to add a 10lb block of weight to the top of their Sony FS700 to get these results.

Due to the fact that the Wondlan Leopard IV needs at least this type of weight to fly, this could be a very good unit for RED EPIC or Scarlet shooters. For more info on the Wondlan Leopard IV products, you can visit the product listings via eBay (found here).

find-price-button Wondlan Leopard IV Camera Vest Video Stabilizer System

Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com:
Letus35 Talon K2
Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder

Here's an older video about the Letus35 Letus Hawk DSLR Viewfinder and Letus Talon K2 rig. The video is really only 21 days old, but I heard a bit in the pipeline that there will be some additional gear available for the Hawk VF's to make them more modular with a quick release. So what you see in the video above will just get better.


Just a reminder for those who were really impressed about the Letus Hawk View Finder, but weren't keen on the Hawk VF Carbon Fiber design, the brand new Letus Hawk VF Aluminum version is estimated to be available in 3 days. All the gear they have available now will be compatible with the new gear you should be hearing about soon. Here's the link to the new Aluminum Version soon to be released: https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/letus-hawk-aluminum.html