Cinevate Duzi Video Slider

Good times! The brand new lightweight and portable Cinevate Duzi Video Slider just dropped in yesterday. It is an impressive little product, and Cinevate's most affordable slider to date. Obviously i'll have my own reasons about working with such a slider, but while I have her around, are there any questions some of you might have? Let me know in the comments.

Cinevate Duzi Slider Cheesycam 2

For technical specs, you can check out the Duzi Product Page (found here).

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  1. Marshall

    I have a 19MM rail (the DUZI is actually just shy of 19MM, like very just shy) in 3' lengths and it works great with the DUZI. One thing you have to know is the middle mounting bracket / brake area has threaded insert that hold it onto the rod. That is not an allen to back that out.

    If you are interested in 3' length rails that work, let me know. I have a few that I can offer for sale.

    I am in the middle of prototyping development on a carbon rail slider. I think this market is ripe for disruption as the prices charged are somewhat absurd. I am looking to get a 3' foot slider (not MOCO) compatible with MOCO setups for $250 - $300.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @ZAK - Sorry I don't know of a good inexpensive solid carbon rod at 19mm. The ones I use are hollow.

  3. Hey Emm, I just read a bunch of your reviews, I hope you get this. Did you or anyone ever find an acceptable 19mm solid carbon rod to use for extending the Duzi like people have asked about? I bought mine assuming it was possible. But I'd take your recommendation for where and what type of rods to buy for extending the slider.

  4. Emm

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    @mark fraunhofer - Here's an article just posted about how and why I use o-rings with the Cinevate Duzi Slider httpss://

  5. mark fraunhofer

    awesome! I bought one today at B&H, will be a day or few before it arrives from their brooklyn warehouse, then I am not taking it off the tripod.... my tripod bag is too big so there is plenty of room for it with 502hd at 90 degrees, will just install those rubber bands and off we go

  6. mark fraunhofer

    was it hard to get those ends off? could you specify what rubber rings you used? I am about to go buy Duzi at B&H I want to be sure it's not a mistake... I wonder if they have the first or 2nd generation at B&H

  7. I bought this and used it on a few weddings. It's not great.

    The brake is the stupidest thing ever designed, worse than useless. Not only is it a pain to screw / unscrew but it gets in the way while you're working.

    Outrigger feet would be nice, but I'm not sure it's possible to add them - these little rubber balls are just not up to scratch. And they're too close together given the light weight of the slider, so with my 5D + 24-70, the camera will tip over if it's angled forward.

    Slides are pretty smooth but the annoying brake and feet make life harder and slow things down - not want you want when every second counts.

  8. Emm

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    @VanWeddings - Just added a few more photos showing top view and underneath. I don't know if it would be worth taking it apart since the rods can't be any shorter I don't know if you're really be saving all that much space.

  9. hi emm, could you show a photo of the underside where it mounts to the tripod? also is it possible to disassemble this and pack for travel? i'm seriously thinking about upgrading for next year and this one looks good so far

  10. Emm

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    @Keith - I still have to take it out for tests, but design feels very solid and it tracks smooth. Because the Carbon rods don't require lube or grease it won't attract dirt and should be easy to clean and dust off. The rails also won't be prone to rust. I'll keep all these questions in mind when I go out testing it.

  11. Keith

    Hey Emm,

    I echo tri's question-- how is the quality/stability of the slide? Is there any wiggle/play? Have you noticed any flex when the Duzi is on a tripod and sliding outward?

    Do you think it will require constant cleaning for proper use (I have a Konova K2, and I have to clean it almost after every use to get a semi-decent and bump-free slide).


  12. Emm

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    @Tulio - They are solid 19mm Carbon Rods. If you can find 19mm rails, it is possible to replace them. Keep in mind that the wheels (not metal) + carbon rods help keep the system quiet. If you change out to some type of metal rails, it will probably be more audible.

  13. Emm

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    @Maarten Smeenk - Haha, you read my mind. I've already taken it apart and have added a rubber o-ring to the rod. It prevents the slider from knocking against the ends, and I can also use the o-rings to set focus points / markers. I'll have a video on this soon.

  14. Love the slider, used it for a week now. But i wish it had some rubber stoppers on both ends, will DIY something. Without stoppers i think the rolling bearings will damage or even break!

  15. Chad

    great slider. great size. great price. i used it on a video shoot last week and it worked perfectly (both on a single tripod and direct on the ground). very smooth and solid

    i did add a DIY upgrade using servocity DC motors for a motorized movement (it has a few 1/4" 20 threaded holes which came in handy). it's no MOCO setup, but provided a slow, smooth motion across the full range of the slider. i'm also looking to come up with a way to mount it upside down (needed to be super lower to the ground on a few shots and the slider + ballhead + camera put it higher than i wanted)

    my only complaint so far, the feet are pretty narrow. we had a few outdoor shots that were on uneven terrain and it would have benefited from a wider, more stable stance. i assume cinevate will eventually offer an all terrain leg option as they do for their other sliders?

    overall, i think cinevate has a winner here

  16. Emm

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    @kevin - They come off very easily. Unscrew the feet, and then loosen two hex screws. I'll be showing this in a video because i'm adding my own personal touch to the slider.

  17. kevin

    "but yes itโ€™s very possible to remove the ends and change out for longer 19mm Rods"
    If you took off he ends will you end up damaging parts of the slider or will taking off the ends be relatively easy?

    I agree with the last comment, if you could switch out for longer rods I would be sold.

  18. Emm

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    @will @Gabe C - Just added a few pics to the article. That's a closer look at parts of the Duzi Slider. I don't know if Cinevate will offer this, but yes it's very possible to remove the ends and change out for longer 19mm Rods. You can see there is a light stand port, and two 1/4" threaded holes under and over the end pieces, but not on the side.

    The little feet are inserted into other 1/4" threaded holes so if you remove them, you could have access to that area as well for whatever reason.

    You can also see how the carrier + wheels are setup over the rails. Very smooth setup, and accurate. The wheels use sealed bearings, and no adjustments are necessary. There is no variable friction adjustment, just a center brake to lock the carrier.

  19. Gabe C


    Can the rails come off of the legs so that you can add longer rail lengths in the future? Or that you could also possibly put more adjustable legs if needed?

    That would have me sold for sure. Having that modularity and adjustability to fit different needs for different situations.

  20. will

    Hey Emm.

    On the ends of the slider does it have 3/8 and 1/4 threads for mounting outrigger style legs to it ?

    if so can we see a photo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also is there any adjustments to friction?

  21. Aron J Anderson

    This may just replace my Konova. It's hard to clean the rails of my Konova and their is small amounts of rust formng on the rails. I live next to a beach in Puerto Rico and need a carbon rail slider.

  22. Rob S.

    I have other Cinevate gear and their stuff is pretty well made. In the same quality range as Zacuto. That's why they tend to price their stuff higher. This doesn't seem too far off the mark of what other companies are selling decent sliders for.

  23. omar

    I own a konova slider but at times it can be unstable. How stable is this slider and is it more stable than the konova?

  24. tri

    Is it stable when its sliding? Any wiggleness in the rollers? Thinking about ordering one... Thanks!

  25. steven

    Is it worth the price, or do you think it could have been priced cheaper?

    Any issues you see that might develop over time?


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