Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods with Fluid Base Locking Foot

Like many, I was using Manfrotto Video Monopods such as the 561BHDV, but later started working with the Sirui P-204S for the option of the sturdy 'locking base'. But recently Manfrotto has started offering the new XPRO Fluid Panning Base that includes a Vertical Locking feature.


The XPRO Video Monopods come in a few different flavors depending if you want Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, 4-Section, or a 5-Section and kits are available with or without a Video Head. These systems are fairly new and many websites haven't fully listed all the available options. The kit i've chosen is the MVMXPRO500US which is already available for purchase (found here).

Learn-More-sm Manfrotto MVMXPRO500US XPRO Video Monopod with Locking Base

6 thoughts on “Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods with Fluid Base Locking Foot

  1. Wout

    Every time i see video's about judging monopods i see people standing behind desks with the feet of the monopods on waist level.
    How practical is the locking mechanisme of the new manfrotto for instance if you have to go down all the time or take it up at eyelevel?
    I think i prefer the new HFMP from Libec which has a solution for this problem: you can lock/unlock by foot.

  2. David

    I bought one of these but its going straight back. The Sirui is much more stable. Manrotto still has some work to do on their monopods.

  3. editwizard

    I just received mine and am comparing it to the old trusty original Manfrotto that with the foot that doesn't lock. I actually think the older one might be more solid and heavy duty. Still debating on whether I will keep the new one.

    The biggest feature is the locking foot but even locked it has a lot more play than I was expecting. Obviously the higher you go the more the play.

  4. iRiz

    This is indeed useful, but the base foot still is a little narrow compared to sirui. I have the sirui p-204s, kneeling and locking it is not a problem only slower compared to manfrotto, only downside of it is the twist lock which in getting tired sometimes switching heights.

  5. The non-locking foot was a real missed opportunity for Manfrotto and I'm surprised its taken them this long to address it. For me its too late. I turned to the Sirui and was really impressed by the design and build quality. For me its still a far superior beast.

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