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Like most 'affordable' Stabilizing Vests on the market, build quality isn't really an issue for me. The problem I have is that they require a very heavy 'minimum' amount of load weight to work properly. Here's a great review about the Wondlan Leopard IV Stabilizer System from YouTube member Landon Donoho [Thanks Landon], but you'll notice they had to add a 10lb block of weight to the top of their Sony FS700 to get these results.

Due to the fact that the Wondlan Leopard IV needs at least this type of weight to fly, this could be a very good unit for RED EPIC or Scarlet shooters. For more info on the Wondlan Leopard IV products, you can visit the product listings via eBay (found here).

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Less than a year ago, Wondlan introduced a few hand held carbon fiber stabilizers. Since the release, it was short of showcasing excellent examples of the stabilizers in use, so it was hard to tell if it was the actual unit or operator experience. Here's one video that shows some pretty fluid movements and also a short balancing tutorial with one of the Wondlan stabilizers. Besides the light weight Carbon Fiber, certain models of the Wondlan Stabilizer can telescope fairly tall to be used as a short monopod when you're not flying around.

Wondlan Carbon StabilizerWondlan Stabilizer Leopard Carbon
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Wondlan-Vest Stabilizer

If you have had to shoot with a stabilizer for more than 3 minutes straight, you're probably already looking into a Support Vest. The problem is finding a good affordable Support Vest and Stabilizer Kit. I personally won't put my money down on the Flycam Stabilizer Vests. I went for the Steadicam Merlin vest at $1600 dollars, but you'll still be shy of a good Glidecam stabilizer that can run another $400+.

I-Type Stabilizer Support Vest WondlanCarbon-Fiber-Stabilizer-Support-Vest

Recently Wondlan has been pushing a bunch of new Single Arm Stabilizer Vest + Stabilizer Kits. These lightweight kits vary in price starting under just $1K depending on what stabilizer is bundled with the vest. Wondlan has a Mini Handheld stabilizer, Carbon Fiber Stabilizer, or larger I-Type. Not too shabby for hopefully the same quality that Wondlan has provided in their past equipment, but I'm still trying to dig up some official reviews on this new gear. Check out the various kits via eBay (Click Here).

Wondlan-VestWondlan Single arm vest Stabilizer
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Not long ago Wondlan released a telescoping Carbon Fiber Video Camera Stabilizer, and now Flycam's caught on to the design. Although they look similar from afar they are indeed much different, and it appears that Wondlan might be the better build quality. From what I noticed though, the Wondlan has a shorter counterweight sled which could lead to twisting and swaying. I haven't tried one yet to know, but there are some examples out there that show this.

The Flycam has a much longer sled and can states it can support cameras up to 7.5lbs close to the supporting weight of a Glidecam HD4000. Pricing on HD4000 is around $550, and Wondlan's Carbon stabilizer $470, and Flycam's new Carbon Fiber C5 Telescoping stabilizer starts around $325 (found here).

Flycam C5Flycam Carbon Fiber Stabilizer C5
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