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Flycam Carbon CF3 StabilizerFlycam CF5 carbon fiber stabilizer

Just a few months ago Flycam introduced a Carbon Fiber stabilizer called the C5. (here). To confuse the market even more, they've recently released another set of Flycam Carbon Fiber stabilizers called the CF3 and CF5. Although these look much better than the original C5, I still can't get over the ugly counterweights and painted blue accents. I personally would rather just have plain metal washers in place of those plastic tubs.

The CF5 is a larger and longer stabilizer for heavier cameras, and the CF3 is the smaller version at a max height of 25". These new carbon fiber stabilizers use a quick release lock to adjust the telescoping post up or down (better than original Nano), comes with it's own quick release plate, foam padded Carry Bag, and comes in cheaper than the original C5 Carbon.

Flycam Carbon Stabilizerflycam carbon fiber cf3 cf5flycam carbon fiber stabilizer cf3 cf5
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Not long ago Wondlan released a telescoping Carbon Fiber Video Camera Stabilizer, and now Flycam's caught on to the design. Although they look similar from afar they are indeed much different, and it appears that Wondlan might be the better build quality. From what I noticed though, the Wondlan has a shorter counterweight sled which could lead to twisting and swaying. I haven't tried one yet to know, but there are some examples out there that show this.

The Flycam has a much longer sled and can states it can support cameras up to 7.5lbs close to the supporting weight of a Glidecam HD4000. Pricing on HD4000 is around $550, and Wondlan's Carbon stabilizer $470, and Flycam's new Carbon Fiber C5 Telescoping stabilizer starts around $325 (found here).

Flycam C5Flycam Carbon Fiber Stabilizer C5
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