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Konova threw up a few Timelapse teasers of their Motorized upgrade kit a few days ago. With a motorized attachment, you will definitely get more consistent movement time and time again as opposed to operating by hand. One con of course is the added noise from said motor.

With all the questions coming around, I thought I would put together this video talking about the differences in the Konova sliders, and how you can get the upgrade kits to work. Basically, figure out if you're using the K3 or K5 slider. If you have the old K3 (old feet) you need the updgrade kit. Lastly, you need to figure out the length of the slider you have. The kits will mount on both the K3 or K5 slider if they are the same length.

A few people have already placed orders on the kit, and hopefully we'll get to see some reviews on this soon. Motorizing a slider is one of the most sought after DIY projects with sliders, and if you don't have the time or the knack, the new Konova Motorized upgrade kit is available, but it's going to cost you (approx $360) a pretty penny (Click here for info on Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit)

Konova Upgrade Kit
find-price-button Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit for Konova Sliders


Konova released a series of videos showing off some of the update kits available for their current sliders. One video gives a sneak at how their new Crank handle will attach to existing sliders. Oh and yes it was pointed out that they incorrectly spelled Crank handle to 'Clank Handle'. Hopefully they correct that soon. [Thanks Kelly]

Konova sliders and upgrade parts can be found online (click here)
find-price-button Konova Sliders, Upgrade Legs, and Crank System


Nice little DIY to motorize a Konova slider. Using a continuous Servo (some servos don't rotate continuously) and Servo controller Vimeo member C Light gives us a sneak peek at work in progress. Servos are more common with slow speed rotations than DC motors. You could probably bring this thing to a very very slow crawl. This small servo setup can easily pull the Konova carrier across the rail in a smooth and consistent fashion because it's completely based on actual Roller Bearings (unlike friction sliders). Of course this setup shouldn't be attempted to pull the carrier in any type of vertical position. [Thanks C Light]

Konova Slider
find-price-button Konova Roller Bearing Slider