Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit – Now Available

Konova threw up a few Timelapse teasers of their Motorized upgrade kit a few days ago. With a motorized attachment, you will definitely get more consistent movement time and time again as opposed to operating by hand. One con of course is the added noise from said motor.

With all the questions coming around, I thought I would put together this video talking about the differences in the Konova sliders, and how you can get the upgrade kits to work. Basically, figure out if you're using the K3 or K5 slider. If you have the old K3 (old feet) you need the updgrade kit. Lastly, you need to figure out the length of the slider you have. The kits will mount on both the K3 or K5 slider if they are the same length.

A few people have already placed orders on the kit, and hopefully we'll get to see some reviews on this soon. Motorizing a slider is one of the most sought after DIY projects with sliders, and if you don't have the time or the knack, the new Konova Motorized upgrade kit is available, but it's going to cost you (approx $360) a pretty penny (Click here for info on Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit)

Konova Upgrade Kit
find-price-button Konova Motorized Upgrade Kit for Konova Sliders

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  1. Josh

    I have a Konova K3 slider, have had it for about 6 months everything was great with it until recently the break went out. It seems that the screw hole that you tighten the break into has widened or lost its threading, now the screw for the break can just be pushed in or out and it doesn't hold. Does any one have any ideas on how to fix this. I've contacted Konova but am worried they are just going to try to sell me a whole new slider.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @matt - We interviewed Konova at NAB2012 about their sliders and motors. I don't remember what exactly was said, but we'll have that video up when its edited so you can get more information.

  3. Ugh, im so confused about this whole motor... first off, here's a potentially useful motor speed diagram I found on the konova web site: https://konovaphoto.com/slider/motion-control/geared-motors/konova-motor-4.html

    I sent konova a number of emails in the last few days, no reply. So I'm hoping someone here might be able to answer these questions for me:

    1. There are 5 different motor speeds available at the link above. Which speed would I be buying if i go to this page: https://konovaphoto.com/best-selling/k5.html and select the motorized kit option? What if i select 'fast motor' option?

    2. Can the speed be controlled with the little remote, or does each motor just have two options - fast/slow - as it'd seem from the diagram? 30+hrs to move one meter sounds way to slow. on the other hand 2.5min for one meter is also no good for timelapses.

    3. In Jenn Grover's video review above, she says the motor has two modes - automatic and manual, which can be used for interval shooting. That means for timelapses, right? I have a little remote shutter controller for my camera already. I know the sync might be an issue, but can anyone confirm that in fact this motor can/does work in an interval setting (move-stop-move-stop...) Then also, can the speed of movement be controlled? How does it compare with the speeds listed at the above diagram?

    4. Jenn and some others also mention an upgraded controller will be released later in the year. Does anybody have any links to info on that?

    5. Did anyone who has the konova have any issues with taxes/customs fees when shipping to the US?

    thanks much in advance, hope somebody can finally clarify all this for me!

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  5. I've looked at the Konova site and at the comments above but can anyone clarify the fastest and slowest speed for on an 80cm rail.

    a) standard motor
    b) default motor

    I've read several times above the 5sec - 2mins.. is this the standard or default motor?

    I've seen a clip of the motor in action and am worried at how noisy it is on full speed. I'm hoping at a slower speed it would be useable in say a church. Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks guys.. can't wait to do some vertical motorised slider action with the D800! 😀


  6. MProd Tahiti

    I recently received my K5 Serie Slider, fluid head and tripod to try to make some videos with them :
    Check them and tell me if you like them


    I decide then to upgrade and I have just received the motorized kit and I make my first timelapse which is the following


    at 0:27 I use the motorized kit which roll from left to right at level 1 for the speed and 0 for the ramp.

  7. @jenn - thanks for the review. that gave me a good idea about what the product actually is about. Im curious if the remote only lets it run at one speed? Thats what it sounds like -- just on and off, - making the ramp up/down power switch kinda pointless.. Is this an accurate assumption?

    How long is your dolly - 60cm? - have you run a test to see how long it takes for the shuttle to make it from one end to the other?

    Im trying to gauge if its even worth it to buy the motor now, or if I should wait for the V2. of the controller for some kind of introvalomiter update.
    If shuttle takes a few hours - like 8-12 or something, it could still function for timelaps's, but I havent been able to find any info on the specs around this regard.. only that it is 1/1000th type motor.

  8. pops

    @ Jenn - The cost for the additional faster motor is presently $100.00 (or what I paid). Who knows if this cost will go down or up. It's presently half the cost of some competitors. Regardless, it's still way more expensive than building a DIY motorized option. Unfortunately, It's still too early to tell if I chose wisely. I hope to see more footage and reviews in coming weeks.

  9. Jenn Grover

    Brian - I only saw it in a demo video and that it would be available later this year - I am really hoping it will be out by the end of the summer for my vacation. 🙂

  10. Jenn Grover

    Pops, how much more was the extra motor?

    Florian, I received a notification, but no tracking number. I received mine about 5 business days after the notification IIRC.

  11. pops

    @Florian -I ordered both motors with the upgrade. No tracking or shipping has been provided. However, I believe the faster motor will delay shipment for a week. I seem to remember that begin posted somewhere on the order page.

  12. Florian

    Hi. Did anybody who already ordered, besides of me, receive their motor upgrade yet? I ordered one day after the release, and didn't even get any shipping notification, a tracking number, or anything that tells me about the status of my order.


  13. Brian

    @Jenn Hi, just wondered if you had anymore info on the advance controller. Details/approx release date etc? Really can't decide whether to get this or wait. Cheers, Brian

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Ali - There's only two models K3 and K5. The other numbers are based on the length. I like using shorter 24" or 31" versions, easier to setup and travel with.

  15. Jenn Grover

    So, I just discovered that the controller included is basic and that the more advanced one with timelpase options comes out later this year. Part of me wishes I had waited for the advanced controller.

  16. Jenn Grover

    Also, to use this as for timelpases, doesn't the motor have have to be connected to some type of intravolmeter as well?

  17. Jenn Grover

    @Seth - the battery box is the weakest part. It seems flimsy and has a made in china sticker plastered on it. But, the carrying case for it is such that you can leave it in the carrying case while in use and I believe that would protect it. It is certainly another well thought-out product from Konova. I just wish they had better product descriptions and documentation. I ordered the AC adapter and I received the end of a plug with no cord and no directions. I will have to contact their customer service to figure it out.

    Their videos help, but it is hard to replace good, old-fashioned directions.

  18. paul

    I ordered the fast motor as I currently use a dp stage zero dolly for time lapses. does anyone have any idea when the fast motor ships? When the updated controller comes out I will replace the dp slider with the 150cm konova and then buy the slower motor but Im really excited for the fast motor with ramping.

    My guess for the inputs would be the forthcoming controller and possible further expansion. It would be really cool if they released a motorized head at some point

  19. A lot of my questions have been answered in the above conversations - so im glad im not alone in wanting more info about this product. One thing I cant seem to find anywhere is can you mount this thing to a tripod? - I'm hoping it is possible since there is talk of the motor being powerful enough for vertical shots.

    Also, im confused on the specs of how slow vs. how fast I can make the motor go for time laps shooting. - I know you cant do shoot/move/shoot - (and Im planning on getting the slow motor if I do buy) - but the website isn't super specific on the exact specs.

    @ jenn- you seem to be the only one who has purchased the motor on this blog- beyond the pulley mishap- how is the durability of the product? seems like it can stand up to solid usage?

  20. Jenn Grover

    Update - tightened the pulley and pause is gone. Still curious about line 1 & 2, though. 🙂

  21. Jenn Grover

    I have the motorized upgrade now and I am a little lost on 2 things. first about every five seconds the motor seems to pause. SI that intentional? If so, can that be altered to different timelapse intervals? Second, are the line 1 & 2 inputs for sync cables?

  22. pops

    FYI - for those looking to have the best of both worlds (fast and slow motor). You should be able to do so for an additional 100 dollars. Yes, this upgrade gets expensive but... You should be done minus the upgraded controller.

  23. Thanks Alex. I ordered the slider yesterday - Konova said they'd ship it on Monday and it should be with me before I leave as long as it doesn't get held up at customs, so fingers-crossed 🙂

  24. Alex

    @James - I emailed KONOVA and they said that estimated delivery day for U.S is 7-10 days and estimated delivery day for U.K(Europe) is around 5-7 days. I think you should order your item now if you want to receive your slider before March 27th.

  25. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for Konova items to be delivered from Korea to the UK? I'm thinking about ordering a slider from them, but I'll need it by March 27th when I'm leaving the country for a shoot in Italy. Amazon.co.uk says 2-3 days for dispatch then 7-15 days for delivery, but I don't know whether they're just covering their bases.

  26. Brian H

    From the Konova website, the standard motor on the 80cm slider has a speed ranging from 20 Hours - 2Minutes and 15 seconds (+/- 10-15%) which sounds perfect for timelapse.

  27. KONOVA

    @Ben - We apologize for the inconvenience. We feel really sorry about your purchase from our company. We actually receive lights and bulbs from company called 'Bbosasi', and there was some kind of error or something when we received the light from them. Again, we feel sorry about the bad experience you had with our company. It won't happen again in the future.

  28. Alex

    I just emailed them and they said that the motorized kit itself is $200. So if you have crank handle, you can just pay $200 to get motorized kit. And also they said that this motorized upgrade can be used to go vertical. Looks pretty sweet to me...

  29. @Mark K., I was just having the same Kessler vs. Konova debate:

    The cheapest Kessler Pocket Dolly that works with their motors is $650 + $150 outdoor feet + $60 bag + $40 mounting brake + $20 mounting plate = $920.

    Add to that $1000 for the motion controller capable of "move-stop-move" and $200-$250 for the motor for a grand total = $2120-$2170 for the advanced Kessler.

    For the more basic Kessler motion controller (directly comparable to the Konova, ie no 'move-stop-move'), subtract $750 = grand total of $1370-$1420.

    This compares to the Konova motorized slider at $340 for slider + $360 for motor/crank upgrade = $700.

    Konova also says a "move-stop-move" controller will come in the future. Hopefully it will be significantly less than Kessler's $1000 controller.

    The Kesslers look amazing and you will probably get much better customer service too, but they are definitely way more expensive.

  30. John

    @ Mark K. The lowest model (Pocket Dolly v2.0) Kessler dolly itself is ~$500 w/o the feet.

    Then, their motor cost ~$630.

    The Konova is still leaps and bound cheaper than any other slider on the market.

  31. Alex

    Man, finally it's out..I've been waiting this for a long time. it's a little pricey but I would rather pay a little more money if i can get a good quality product...

  32. Pops

    The good new is... a simple pulley/gear change should provide speed flexibility. Hopefully, they will become available soon.

  33. Paul

    I think the long exposure question is if the konova can change modes from constant motion to move shot move. Maybe I haven't looked thoroughly enough but the controller looks pretty simple and Im not seeing that function. I hope it does

  34. I´m about to order a K3 with a crank kit. i seems easy to make a DIY motor kit once the crank kit is installed.

    also, on the motorized kit, I think that the fast motor could be used for timelapse if the outer Gears can be changed, the one mounted n the slider is easy, and if you change the motor gear to a smaller diameter one, and the slider to an big one you can get slower movement, i dont know if this should be enought to timelapse, but can be a good start.

    for now i will try to make a DIY motorized system for the crank kit when i get it, as the more dificult part is already done in it.

  35. Terry

    The slow motor can apparently go very slowly, so it seems suitable for long exposure time lapse.

  36. for a little more couldn't you get a kessler pocket dolly with a motion controller? i have a new konova now but debating upon if its better to go the kessler route.

  37. pops

    @ Jhog - if you have some experiences to share I'm all ears. Obviously, this will be a new thing for some of us.

    Obviously, 2 minutes is not that long if this is what you're referring to. There had better be some fast moving clouds... lol

  38. Glad it came out finally. Price not very friendly, but on the other hand its really good build and I can't find identical for lover prise.

    After reading all the comments I only did not understood If I'll pick slower motor for time-lapse, what maximum speed I will be able to get? Or it will be able to move only very slowly?

  39. pops

    @ Jayhas- Thanks for the response. I'm optimistic.

    It does look pretty well thought out... I just wish I knew the real world difference between the fast and slow motor. I'm hoping the slow will be fast enough and not limit the motororization to time lapse only.

    The biggest issue I see with any motorized setup is the added complexity of cables/battery boxes etc. It's really not a run and gun product anymore... Complexity always limits use on projects for me at least. But.. I've always wanted to add this functionality to the slider since day one. I just never thought I could do it well enough by making it myself. The last thing you want clients to see is a science project on set. lol

    What is everyone using for a GH2 intervalometer? I won't need to worry about this if I use by Nikon D7000. However, I really prefer lighter weight of the Panasonic. - sorry... for rambling out loud.

  40. What I like about this Konova motorized system is the way it is mounted, allowing quick detachment with just 3 screws. Same for the crank too.

    @pops - I have tried the crank vertically (60D + battery grip) with no problem at all, just lacking the smoothness of motor-driven. The motor looks robust enough to go vertical. I have done smooth verticals with even smaller motors on my 4ft DIY. I have ordered the motorized kit for my K3.

  41. pops

    Does anyone know if this motorized upgrade can be used to go vertical or at any angle? I have the original 4 bearing 100cm version... Very tempting to just make my one "upgrade" for 150 or so. but.. I do like the professional feel to this product.

    So... I just threw 416 at this upgrade... err.. Emm your wonderful site has cost me over 600 dollars this week.

  42. Emm

    Post author

    @marshall - If you don't have the new legs, you need to get the upgrade kit first. After you get the upgrade kit, you could get the pulley or motor, but you need to specify the length of slider you have. K3 is smaller slider K5 is bigger slider and the other numbers usually represent the length in centimeters.

  43. Joseph

    Thanks emm...I have 39 inch konova. I wosh they couldhv specify the lengths instead of letters and numbers (ei k3 and k5). I know I have to upgrade with the 360$ it has pully and crank and motorized pully. Plus I have to add the legs on this one. Thanks for ur help!

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @Marcus - The K3B2 is the small slider and already has the new legs. The -60, -80, -100 is how long the slider is (centimeters). The K5 is the larger slider (larger bearings).
    If you don't have the new legs, you have to first start with the 'Upgrade Kit'. This is needed to mount the Pulley and Motor.

  45. Florian

    I think you are in fact misreading it. I checked again, and if you click the little box on the order page it substracts 160$ off the original 360$, so you get a total of 200$ for just the motor, without the crank handle.

  46. Emm

    Post author

    @Joseph - It's a bit confusing, but the the upgrade kits for Pulley and Motor will fit all K5 slider. You just need to select the correct length you have. For K3 sliders, you have to make sure you have the 'upgraded' Leg kit. If yours looks like the new legs, then the kits should work, but again make sure you have the correct length.

  47. Joseph

    Hi emm, I have 39 inch konova I'm confused ist k3 or k5 upgrade? I want to be sure. I email them they say to refer to the page which is for the ordering of the
    Konova upgrades still not givinge the specifics. Please help. Thanks!

  48. K, EMM, can you get rid of the my previous 2 posts?

    I just heard back from the company and confirmed it is either a 5 second UP TO 2 min slide on the 80cm version.

    The real bummer here is only that you have to choose between the motor that does faster (5-7) dolly style shots, or the motor that does slower movements for timelapse.

    Although, that said, I'm sure you could pay $360 for the full motorized upgrade, and then just offer an extra $160 (motor only price) for the alternate motor, then just swap them out depending on weather or not you were doing live action stuff or timelapse.

    I'm wondering now, if the slide motoro would be precise enough to do 2 or 3 identical shots in a row, at different exposures. If you could do that, that'd pave a way for HDR video.

  49. Terry

    Marshall, my guess is that it is a range to set the total time to as low as 5 seconds or as high as two minutes (for the 80 cm rail).

  50. Marshall

    Sorry for multiple posts, I'm emailing the company to see if it's 2min AND 5sec, or if it's 2min OR 5sec for the 80cm rail

  51. Marshall

    Marcus, just email them and they will help you figure it out. That's what I did. Unfortunately for me, since I bought mine in sept of last year, I need not only the $360 motor but the $56 upgrade for the legs to get the ground clearence.

    I have to admit, still is cheap, but paying $420 to motorize my $440 slider stings. Going to wait for another paying gig first

  52. Terry

    I noticed that there are two separate motors available (the default motor and a "fast" motor). Based on an e-mail exchange with Konova, it seems to me that the "fast" motor is the one to use for the typical short video (non-timelapse) clips that would be used with a slider. Can someone confirm that?

  53. Florian

    Sorry for the second post. Do you know, if this would work with the dynamic perception mx2 controller, or could you recommend any other shoot, move, shoot solution?

  54. Trey T

    Looks like a great deal, considering the pulley system cost ~$170.

    I may consider purchasing this after I hear some good review.

    I wish that they can sell the motor, controller, and batt pack package separate from the pulley system.

  55. Alex

    I agree with David. For $360, it is a steal when you consider that you could have a full timelapse slider kit for about $700 with a crank as well. This is well under the price of most other crank only sliders.

  56. David Schmaus

    Looks like this includes the hand crank kit to or if you already own the hand crank it's a $160 upgrade. I would say that is a steal...

  57. Marcus

    Definitely want the upgrade!

    Can anyone help me figure out which model I have?



  58. Ben

    Be careful purchasing from Konova. They will look for any opportunity to sting you and their customer service is shockingly bad. I've ordered over $3000 of products from them over time and they get worse the more comfortable they become with you. Most recently I ordered soft box lights; they charged me an upgrade fee for light stands, only to try to send me even cheaper light stands than the ones originally in the un-upgraded price. The bulbs they sent exploded, because they packaged the wrong voltage, and then it took just under a month for them to replace them; all the while they continually said they were re-sent, but the postage indicated otherwise when they eventually arrived. And the stands they sent were dented, scratched, and with broken handles. They will treat you like dirt and look for any opportunity to rip you off; which is a shame as their products are sometimes great. Just watch them; get everything in writing -before- you order!

  59. Verm

    Yeah 360$ is a little deep for what is basically an electric motor and a strap.

    In the sample footage, you can see that the image flickers a lot with the variations of light and passing clouds. What I've always wondered about, is how to make quality timelapses that go from full bright sunny day to long exposures at night without any flicker in the exposure? Anyone has some kind of tutorial for this specific subject? Thanks!

  60. Hmmm....kind of an odd timelapse vid. Dang, if only Konova thought things out and made the crank handle capable of just swapping out with the motorized part. That way it would be way easier to go back and forth from the two.

  61. Marshall

    I bought my konova last sept from amazon, and it's listed as KONOVA K Slider 3120 NA-12 by KONOVA.

    How do I know k # it is, in order to buy this motorized kit?

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