Konova’s Mini Video Photo Fluid Head

Konova is now pushing a small Fluid Head for their SpiderTrax-Like Rotating Video Dolly or their popular Camera Roller Bearing Slider. This new little fluid head could be slightly compared to the Manfrotto 128RC or even the very nice Calumet Video Fluid Head. Obviously for a cheaper price, and possibly not at the same level of build quality. Either way, i'm sure it's a great little low profile fluid head for many DIY projects, but if you could afford to, you might want to check out the Calumet Fluid Head or Manfrotto Fluid Head.

find-price-button Konova Mini Video and Photo Fluid Head

BTW - Did anyone catch that other seller for the Konova Roller Bearing Slider that offers free shipping? Essentially saving you another $50 bucks? [Thanks Chris S.]

Found here:
find-price-button Konova Roller Bearing Slider

6 thoughts on “Konova’s Mini Video Photo Fluid Head

  1. Jip

    I have this fluid head myself.. but I was wondering if anyone knows if this quick release is compatible with any quick release plate from another manufacturer. I´d like to buy some so I can have my gear fit on everything. Thanks.

  2. I just received the Konova Roller Bearing Slider with the free shipping and it's the real deal. Shipped reasonability fast and beat the $50 savings.

  3. looks like they pulled the slider eBay listing and relisted it with $42 shipping.
    I asked about the 120cm slider but got no response.
    now there are 3 or 4 listings for the konova slider but they look like the same listing. All for the same price and shipping cost.

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