NAB2013 Konova Smaller K1 and Larger K7 Video Sliders

At NAB2103 Konova announced two new video camera sliders to extend the product line of roller bearing video sliders. The smaller K1 roller bearing slider is now even more portable to address the smaller compact video cameras that are becoming increasingly more popular. The K1 is now the most affordable roller bearing video slider in the Konova product line.

The larger K7 Video Camera Sliders use a wider rail with special cut outs to lighten the system without affecting it's overall structural integrity. The larger slider with wide railings are targeting the new trend of larger broadcast systems and the push for 4K heavy ENG style cameras. The new Konova K1 and K7 Video Camera Sliders can already be found via eBay (below).

Konova K1 Video Rail Portable LightweightKonova K1 Video Slider
find-price-button Konova K1 Lightweight Portable Video Slider

Konova K7 Video Camera SliderKonova K7 Video Slider
find-price-button Konova K7 ENG Broadcast Video Camera Slider

9 thoughts on “NAB2013 Konova Smaller K1 and Larger K7 Video Sliders

  1. gagan

    For those who've used both -
    How do the Konova K1 & K2 compare with the Varavon Lite sliders?

  2. I was also wondering, I bought my k5 only 2 months ago and it seems to be binding when it passes center. I tried the loosening of the bearings but if you loosen it then the carriage wobbles, if you tighten it then it is smooth on the ends and tight in the middle.
    I was thinking of ordering the time lapse motor or maybe the bundle but not sure now, I bought it from amazon. I requested a return but konova said to adjust the bearings, I told them i did and have not heard an answer as of yet.
    I want to love this product but have to wait to see the CS and what transpires. I am also starting my speaking tour, I am a professional photographer turned cinematographer. I am arranging my speaking engagements now to discuss with other photographers on how to break into the cinematography world of commercials for small local business' and cinematic weddings. any words on how to handle this matter?

  3. Dean

    Emm- If I ordered a K2 and just last night I saw it had a K5 decal on the slider.

    How do I know they just did not run out of K2 stickers? LOL

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - Keeping a light dry oil on there should help prevent that. Check out the bicycle shops that carry special lubricants. It's not greasy or oily but keeps metal parts moving smoothly.

  5. Paul

    Hi Emm,

    I have seen you posting several items from Konova on your blog. Maybe you know what to do, I bought K3 slider from them around 9 months ago and after 3 months it started to develop rust on the inner chrome rails. The slider was never wet or anything like that. I wrote to customer service and they pretty much ignored me. I bought anti rust cleaning solution and worked all the way but can't stop rust to develop. Any ideas or maybe somebody else has faced same problem??

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