Adjustable 15mm Dual Rail Clamp EVF Mount

For those who are mounting electronic view finders (EVF) with mini ball heads or perhaps variable friction (magic) arms, you might have run into the issue where the EVF can spin loose as you apply pressure against the eye cup or may be too much for a hot shoe to handle. Ball Heads and Friction Arms work pretty well, but they aren't the best way to mount an LCD EVF monitor.

Here's another EVF Mount that's recently become available. This one mounts to a set of 15mm rails preventing your EVF from spinning loose, and can be quickly adjusted in various angles through the slotted brackets. Starts at $115 + shipping via eBay (found here).

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9 thoughts on “Adjustable 15mm Dual Rail Clamp EVF Mount

  1. Just stumbled on this while shopping around. Does anyone have experience with this mount and the dp4 with the hdmi lock attachment. This looks like a great solution but I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to use the hdmi lock. It also does look like it might block the passthrough port. Just looking for some clarity. Thanks!

  2. William


    Yes, I think this EVF mount is anodized. Using it for last eleven weeks and there is nothing like paint peeling.

  3. Clay

    Do you lose loupe through capabilities on the dp4 with this mount? It looks like the bracket would cover the hdmi out.

  4. Steve M.

    @William, oh, very cool, I appreciate that information!

    @Dean, not really, if you look up EVF mounts on the Internet, you'll soon see this is priced very reasonable, and, the build quality looks pretty darn good.

  5. William

    This EVF mount is fully adjustable. By moving the rod clamp, one can move monitor back and forth and for z-axis movement, there is a slot in the vertical section. You can fix it at opposite end also for creating a distance.
    Great product, love it.

  6. Steve M.

    Pretty cool, and priced right! Some, if not most, of these types of mounts are in the stratosphere dollars wise. The only thing I question, looking at this, is the adjustability of the monitor forward and back, or Z axis. It looks like that's done at the monitor end, which would put a piece of metal in your face, wouldn't it? It doesn't appear it can be adjust at that opposite end?

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