Konova – NAB New Product Teaser

NAB is one of those shows where companies try to announce new innovative products. Now that we're about a week away, you'll start to see a few product teasers being released online, just like this new product teaser from the Konova company.

This Motorized Slider (slash) Motorized Pan Tilt Head (slash) Crane / Jib product combines several tools in one unit and is controlled by their Smart Controller system which offers advanced Motion Control Time Lapse functionality. That's about all the information I have so far, but expect to find many new products to be released following the NAB show at KonovaPhoto.com.

find-price-button Konova Slider Jib Crane Pan Tilt Head Motorized

13 thoughts on “Konova – NAB New Product Teaser

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @brad isdrab - A complete kit may run about $3K including pan head and smart controllers.

  2. Steven

    Sometimes I think companies try too hard to be innovative or jam too many features into one product. I know eventually someone will create the perfect frankenstein for the DSLR world, but it kinda stinks to have to see abominations like this. Now if this thing performs like a boss, I'll take it seriously, but until then...I have my doubts.

  3. That looks very exciting to me. Its pretty close to what I've been working on myself.

    I'd love to know if it is (or would be possible) to remote/MoCo the crane, slider, and swing motions. It definitely looks like the pan/tilt motions are controlled by the SMART. I don't think they have released a SMART capable of driving five or more axis...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @MovieBuff - It's not 'officially' announced yet, but will be next week at NAB. I'll try to get some pricing out of them.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Alberto Respezzo - They will be at NAB so i'll try to get a good look at how this thing works.

  6. Alberto Respezzo

    This seems like it'd probably be a pain to use and setup, but they deserve kudos for trying something new.

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