Mini Hand Held Blue Nano Video Stabilizer

These little Blue Hand Held Video Stabilizers have been available for quite some time, but tracking down reviews on the item are still scarce. I often get questions about these particular stabilizers, but it's not something i've had the chance to play with in person, so there's not much information I can offer.

Cheap Blue Hand Held Video Stabilizer NanoMini Blue Cheap Stabilizer nano

This stabilizer collapses down to less than 10", with an adjustable X/Y top stage, and what appears to be a quick release plate, it looks pretty decent for a price less than $140 (includes free shipping). If anyone has any experience on these i'm sure other readers would like to know your feedback in the comments section. These are constantly rebranded, but you can find them via eBay (click here).

Blue Mini Nano StabilizerMini Blue Hand Held Stabilizer
find-price-button Blue Mini Nano Hand Held Video Stabilizer

9 thoughts on “Mini Hand Held Blue Nano Video Stabilizer

  1. Henry

    Dave, please comment on your experience with the stabilizer. I'm considering this as the Laing-03 is always out of stock.


  2. Henry

    @Paul C the adjustment don't appear to be controlled by a nob. It looks like one has to physically 'push' the plates to make the adjustments. Like and quick release plate.

  3. Paul C

    By looking at the photos it seems to be easier to do adjustment than flycam Nano.....but I still prefer ones with fine adjustments

  4. I am very interested in this one. I am hoping to find something cheap that can fly my d600. I had a u-flycam previously that I could not once get to balance properly and work, even with my gopro. Anybody have experience with this one and a heavyish cam?

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