Konova Releases 23″ Travel Friendly Sized Slider

I don't know exactly when it happened, but it happened. Although i'm a big fan of the Konova slider, I always wished they had a smaller version than 31". At 31" inches, that was just a little bit too long to pack in some of my bags when traveling. So recently they just started listing a smaller 60cm / 23.6" version which still has the new leg / feet design. Having a shorter run slider also makes it easier to balance on a single tripod.

In fact I even went as far as cutting down one of my IGUS rails because I really wanted something down to the 24" length. At just over 23" inches, this slider can be worn with the tripod carrier of your backpack. You can start to find the shorter Konova sliders popping up online (click here).

find-price-button Konova K3 60cm 23.6" Video Slider

14 thoughts on “Konova Releases 23″ Travel Friendly Sized Slider

  1. I bought, received and used the 60cm slider. I had the old long version, but my friend managed to break the bearings when he tried to adjust it (in fairness, those little screws were kind of cryptic), The new version is definitely an improvement (one big, easy to understand adjustment bolt) and the shorter length is also much more sensible for me (I don't think I even used the full length of the original slider anyway).

    I still wish they thought more about reducing the weight a little, it still feels like a hefty, solid metal bar, but perhaps the price you pay for it's rigidity? If they were really clever, they could have also thought of a way to protect the rails from accumulating annoying, invisible bits of grit that can snag the rollers however careful you think you are!

    All in all though, well made, and well designed - a good purchase in my books. You really get the feeling that Konova are improving as a brand (just please don't go the zacuto style prestige route!).

    A couple of shots of it in action in this video (bit of a plug, sorry):

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Pierre - I don't see those prices, and does that include shipping? The eBay is Free Shipping.

  3. Hey guys,
    Why no buying directly on Konova's website? The 23"/60cm is 319 dollars which is cheaper than ebay.

    @Victor: I'm planning to buy the 23" long K3B2 and I will definitely add the 717 AH fluid head on it (reviewed here on Cheesycam). Now I'm trying to figure out what else could be useful. The bbo20 Quickshoe seems compatible with the fluid head and would be useful to move your camera from the fluid head to any other rig / glidecam / tripod etc... Since I want to be able to use my tripod without the slider, I would go for 2 fluid heads instead of one fluid head on the slider and a ball head on the tripod. So that you can easily use the tripod with a proper fluid head without the slider.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Neil - The next product is based on existing 15mm rigs. It's an affordable solution to enhance the configuration of any 15mm rig on the market. Including Zacuto, redrock, gini, etc... If you don't already have a rig, it might not be of interest. Even if you have the smallest and cheapest rig now, then this should be a nice addition.

  5. Neil

    @J Hanna

    Supply and demand I guess. I'm surprised Konova haven't raised the price on their well-reviewed matte box yet. Even a lot of the cheap Asian rig parts have increased in price the last 6 months as have vintage lenses. I've been watching Takumars steadily rise - 6 months ago you could have found an SMC 105mm for around $100, one just went on eBay for over $200! I preferred DSLR video when it was still a few of us's little secret weapon. Now everyone and their dog is in on it!

    I guess we'll have to wait and see what awesome goodness Emm is working on with his soon to be released new product...

    What do you say Emm? Any hints? When can we expect an announcement? Should I start saving my pennies?



    Looking forward to seeing what you have to surprise us with next! 🙂

  6. J Hanna

    @ Neil - Wow. 350$. I agree with you. I think we might have ruined the "cheaper alternative" market. Products that used to be affordable to us poor filmmakers are starting to raise in price...yes, it is still the more cost effective option but I mean....wow. I think the first konova slider.. much longer than this one...that was offered was 250$
    what happened?

  7. Victor

    I'm on the konova website right now. How should I buy it because it can come with ballhead, magicarm, Slider Quick Plate&Quick shoe,Sideslding acc. which one do you think is absolutely necessary. I think I might go with the longest version at 120cm.

  8. Matthew

    Yeah, I would buy if it was under $300. A slider is something I want but don't need. Maybe next year.

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