Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Monopod Deal

Above you see some fine examples from Vimeo member StillMotion about shooting with a particular monopod - the Manfrotto 561BHDV. I share this with you today, because if you've been eyeballing this monopod, it's currently available as a Gold Deal on Amazon (with only a slight $14 dollar discount). You won't see the price difference immediately until you click on the Gold Deal button on the right side of the Amazon product page.

find-price-button Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head

20 thoughts on “Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Monopod Deal

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Ron - You will not be able to get much movement. The three feet assist, but the can only angle a few degrees.

  2. Hi Cheesycam,

    Hope all is well, I would like to ask if there is a big difference with the three small feet, in regards, to smooth push/pull camera moves?

    I am currently a 681b, with 3 stick feet. But I just use the rubber feet.

    Thankyou, your website rocks

  3. Joel

    Emm, I got one a few weeks ago ... here's why: It performs great in limited space. I am shooting a documentary where the interior is always filled with tourists - who were constantly tripping over my traditional tripod.

    Not only does the 561 BHDV have the smallest footprint, it also works as a hands free tripod (which I use for stills with a shutter realease) - albeit takes a minute to get it to sit still.

    But because it works real well for what it was designed to do, I'm very happy with it.

  4. rabby

    I am thinking of buying this monopod without the fluid head.
    Do you think weifeng head would be a cheaper option then 701head. I do have weifeng tripod but the panning is not extremely smooth but works great. Do you think weifeng head will have similar issue? On monopod it seems it will be much harder when trying to balance and pan at the same time.


  5. @Mark - I echo your experience with it. It's like a love-hate relationship for me! I used it on a few long shoots but just couldn't get satisfying results.

    On my last traveling shoot I opt for a light Manfrotto carbon 190CX with the 701 on top instead. With the 701 and a tiny Velbon monopod in the backpack I breezed through airports and more importantly got the shots I wanted without a fight.

  6. Mark

    I bought one of these a few months back. I read all of the reviews and watched the above video and went ahead and got one. I want to like it but am having a hard time. I find it hard to get a level shot and the fluid base really does not work well.
    I find that a good ball head on a stable tripod or a small shoulder rig works best.

  7. JohnM

    I was able to get the deal earlier, and still see it. Looks like it's a 'quick pick' deal based on your Amazon shopping preferences. Try refreshing the page a few times, and maybe even add it (or items like it) to your shopping cart.

  8. scottrellwi

    Does this head have adjustments for dampening?

    I would put my Weifeng head on one, but I messed it up after trying to change the fluid stuff in the head. Now it has leaked and isn't really a fluid head anymore. I am willing to pay more for better now.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Juan - Thanks, but I was responding to someone who asked to buy the Monopod 'without' the head because they already have a 701HDV.

  10. Jeff

    Yeah, I'm not seeing the gold deal either. The discount doesn't even show up at checkout. I'm also a Prime member if that makes a difference. Thanks for the tip though, I want to buy this.

  11. cam

    Hey Emm, thanks for posting this! I HAVE been eyeballing this guy and any deal is always appreciated no matter how small!
    Maybe I'm not seeing straight today but I can't seem to find the gold deal button, I combed through the entire page... Any suggestions as to why its no longer there or am I truly blind? Thanks!

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