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Hands Free JuicedLink DSLR Rig

There's been a swarm of new products and videos posted on the JuicedLink blog in the last two days. Besides showing updates on current accessory brackets, there's information on the DIY slider (shown at NAB2011), unusual iPhone and iPad mounting brackets, and a handsfree type DSLR rig. You can find more information and videos about the new products following the link (click here).

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 10.51.59 PMDIY slider JuicedLinkiPad DSLR Rig Cage

8 thoughts on “JuicedLink Blog Updates

  1. Ron Baselice

    I built this out of standard 15mm parts. works great, except of days my allergies or asthma kicks up

  2. Darius

    I think he's funny intentionally...but I really can't tell. The handsfree shoulder rig looks like an overdone cowboy studio shoulder mount.

    My real question is the same as Paolo's, how would somebody mount those sliders onto a tripod.

  3. MattN

    It's hard to get motivated to buy video production gear from someone that's a mediocre (diplomatic adjective) video producer.

    Oh well, that's part of the charm about DIY I guess.

  4. Paolo

    The shoulder rig seems a really cool idea.

    I have a problem with the slider though...it would make it difficult to attach to tripod and on the small one they don't offer some type of plate to place the camera on.
    what are we gonna slide then? just the bearings? cause that's all he does in the video, he doesn't show any application for it.

  5. HD-tography

    Oh Man! That Robert... Those Videos... Umm... Is he for real? LOL

    Not too bad ideas, but I think the prices are a little overpriced for just supplying some DIY parts, all of which you can pick up between a local Home Depot and a skate shop, except the machined aluminum bits, but those alone don't justify the inflated costs to do a SLIGHTLY better DIY, cause in the end, it's still not a "professional" end product, though it may work a little better.

    I dunno, he's trying to blur the line between professional gear and DIY, but not doing such a good job at blurring the price point.

    Good Luck 2 You Robert (I really mean that), I'm sure some people will buy it, but reality is shortly after they will probably try and recover their money on eBay when upgrading to a more professional product for SLIGHTLY more money.

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