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A rep from EA Sports dropped in today for a quick interview about the new video game 'Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit'. Can be found here: Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit

Just thought I'd share a quick clip of an interview I thought went fairly well considering the time constraints. The rep came earlier than expected so I rushed to get something setup for the interview. Woohoo, yeah that audio is the Zoom H1 portable Audio recorder with the cheap ATR3350 LAV microphone. Not too bad for a rushed Audio interview, pretty happy with that. I had a Zoom H4n off to the side to see how that would sound, but there was too much ambient outside that ruined it. Camera left is Canon 5D Mark II with 100mm Macro IS F/2.8L (see it's not just for Macro), and camera right is Canon 7D + 24-105mm IS F/4L (the video footage isn't in this clip). The BTS footage i'm showing you was shot hand held with the Canon 60D. For lighting just used one of the cheap 800 watt Lights as the fill light, I talked about it in this article: http://cheesycam.com/new-800w-barndoor-softboxes-3pcs-lighting/

There were two other lights with a red gel to give the plain garage door something interesting. Instead of a plain background, the garage added more texture to the simple interview shot. This video hasn't had any processing done so i'm sure it looks pretty flat, soft, and desaturated. That was the profile setup on the Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon 5D Mark II was also being monitored on the Vizio LCD with DIY mount to cheap Light Stand. Well, there you go. Hope this setup is informational and helpful as the audio came out decent and the lighting added something different for a super cheap budget.