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If you didn't catch the news, SmallHD has a new eyepiece available for the DP4 EVF [Thanks Joel]. The DP4 originally was available with a Canon LP-E6 battery tray, but with the new eyepiece announcement, there is also three new battery tray options as part of the bundle. For a limited time, you can get a bundle which includes the new eyepiece, select the battery tray, a 1.5ft HDMI cable, SmallHD Cleaning Cloth, Prying tool, Screen Protector, and more for just $34 dollars following the link (click here).

SmallHD EyePiece Bundle

SmallHD DP4 Update
SmallHD DP4 New EyePiece and Battery Tray


The old Focus Assist in the SmallHD DP6 HDMI LCD monitor would make the screen literally go black and show white lines in what was in focus. The problem was it was hard to see what you were trying to focus on. You can see an example in the video (above) of how dark the old Focus Assist feature was. Here you can see the new Focus assist feature (below) works much better than before acting more like an overlay.

I know i'm really late to update the DP6 firmware and it's probably been out for months, but i'm also using other LCD monitors so I was in no rush. When they said the SmallHD monitors were future proof, here's another example of how they've managed to continue to improve on the features.With a simple USB drive, you download the latest firmware from the SmallHD.com website, and then run the install. This update took only 30 seconds or so, and i'm back in business. I've had this monitor for quite some time, and although i've neglected it lately, with the new focus assist feature it feels like a totally different tool again.


A little tour of the Ruige TL-S701HDA 7" monitor with a Panasonich GH2 from Vimeo member James Bamford. Unlike some smaller versions from Ruige, this 7" monitor has HDMI in and also HDMI out. Towards the end of the video, you'll see the linear zoom remote test. First click zooms in, second click turns on 'Focus Peaking' so you can get focused, and finally third click returns to normal viewing. Accessories (some optional) available are a Sunhood, HDMI lock, Linear Zoom Remote Trigger, Battery Adapter plates, and D-Tap power cord.

The resolution on this Ruige is higher than 7" Lilliput monitors at 1024(H)×600(V), and it's a nice 7" monitor if you need something this big. If you don't need the size or that high of a resolution, you could get a 4" SmallHD DP4 for about the same price which can later be upgaded with their EVF Loupe view finder. You can find the Ruige on eBay (click here)

Ruige LCD
find-price-button Ruige TL-S701HDA Field Monitor HDMI LCD



Yes. The images look quite funky, but they were purposely modified to be a little discreet. I can assure you that the product is real. It's actually been in design for a few months (Patent Pending), and this is the first images ever released. So what is it and what does it do? It's a 5.6" swiveling LCD (about the size of a SmallHD DP6) that connects under a camera like a battery grip. Seen in the images is a Canon 5D Mark II, but the unit will mount under any camera providing it with a swiveling LCD. There's an HDMI pass through on the side and the LCD unit is powered by a single Canon LP-E6 battery. I guess this LCD design also solves the problem of using an HDMI Lock so you don't damage the one on your camera. If you don't have a Canon LP-E6 battery, there's an adapter that accepts AAs. There's also an optional sun shade. The monitor will have peaking to assist with focusing. I've heard there's other features, but i'm not sure if I can mention it.

That's about all I can say for now, until the product hits the shelves in a few weeks. What do you guys think? Love to hear your opinions....


Some BTS of a DIY stabilizer we put together last minute. Working with the GoPro 3D Rig we wanted to get an unusually low tracking shot. A wheeled dolly would have a hard time in the urban streets, so a slightly modified Flycam Nano was the solution. The Flycam Nano received an extension below to hold the GoPro 3D Rig, and an extra GoPro was used to output the video up to the SmallHD DP6 monitor. A few counterweights taped to the top was added to balance it all together. I need to get the awesome footage from the GoPros later..it was quite amazing to get flying shots at that super wide low angle..


After posting a little something about the Zacuto EVF, a few people have been name dropping the SmallHD. Just so you know, mine arrived about a week ago, just haven't posted anything yet. But I can tell you, it rocks.... The resolution is higher than other monitors in it's price range, the menu that provides fine tuning is abundant, and the build quality with Aluminum (not plastic) body is well worth it's weight in this competitive market. I like the fact that they also update the unit via Firmware downloads, a nice touch to keep it Future Proof and Camera compatible. The reason I gave this one a go, is for the second 5D Mark II body (from refurb) that came in, and the SmallHD DP6 has some custom settings 'specifically' for the 5D Mark II. It's definitely a nice monitor for DSLRs or even for something high end like the Sony PMW-F3K.