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A little tour of the Ruige TL-S701HDA 7" monitor with a Panasonich GH2 from Vimeo member James Bamford. Unlike some smaller versions from Ruige, this 7" monitor has HDMI in and also HDMI out. Towards the end of the video, you'll see the linear zoom remote test. First click zooms in, second click turns on 'Focus Peaking' so you can get focused, and finally third click returns to normal viewing. Accessories (some optional) available are a Sunhood, HDMI lock, Linear Zoom Remote Trigger, Battery Adapter plates, and D-Tap power cord.

The resolution on this Ruige is higher than 7" Lilliput monitors at 1024(H)×600(V), and it's a nice 7" monitor if you need something this big. If you don't need the size or that high of a resolution, you could get a 4" SmallHD DP4 for about the same price which can later be upgaded with their EVF Loupe view finder. You can find the Ruige on eBay (click here)

Ruige LCD
find-price-button Ruige TL-S701HDA Field Monitor HDMI LCD