Exclusive New Concept Monitor – UnReleased


Yes. The images look quite funky, but they were purposely modified to be a little discreet. I can assure you that the product is real. It's actually been in design for a few months (Patent Pending), and this is the first images ever released. So what is it and what does it do? It's a 5.6" swiveling LCD (about the size of a SmallHD DP6) that connects under a camera like a battery grip. Seen in the images is a Canon 5D Mark II, but the unit will mount under any camera providing it with a swiveling LCD. There's an HDMI pass through on the side and the LCD unit is powered by a single Canon LP-E6 battery. I guess this LCD design also solves the problem of using an HDMI Lock so you don't damage the one on your camera. If you don't have a Canon LP-E6 battery, there's an adapter that accepts AAs. There's also an optional sun shade. The monitor will have peaking to assist with focusing. I've heard there's other features, but i'm not sure if I can mention it.

That's about all I can say for now, until the product hits the shelves in a few weeks. What do you guys think? Love to hear your opinions....

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    Swiveling HDMI LCD Monitor Battery Grip – Prototype » CheesyCam

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Chuck - It connects under the camera and uses an HDMI cable to connect. It should work on any camera, even my tiny point and shoot Sony HX9V.

  4. I love the concept. Being able to integrate an add-on external screen with sufficient size seems like a no brainer. Wonder why no one did this sooner?

    Not having to use a rig or cage would be great, sometimes I have to fit into tight quarters and this would be just what I need.

    Also means less stuff to carry onto a plane.

    How about a flavor for us Nikon users?

  5. well lets hope it goes to market and turns out to be a great product. And I guess the re-design per camera body is going to affect it a bit with each new drop. Best to wait until canon decides to show what they are coming out with.

    5DM3? might not fit...

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - Not sure if i'll get my hands on one, but I think it might make an appearance at PDN New York.

  7. Emm

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    @Apostolos - I think they were creating a product to simply add a swivel monitor for all cameras that lack a swivel monitor, and make it affordable. It also provides a larger screen than what's available on most small cameras. Focus peaking with lines (possibly colored lines) will show you what's in focus in real time.

  8. Bottom line, if I'm understanding the main selling point of this product, is that it attaches itself to the bottom of the camera via that "bracket" so you don't have to worry about mounting it on a rig. Would you say that's a fair assessment?

    Now when you say "peaking" you mean peaking for overexposure or those color indicators like the Marshall monitors to assist with focusing?

    And it's all about price. If it comes in at a decent price, especially in this economy.....

  9. Looks like a great idea! No worry about damaging HDMI port or where to mount a decent size, hooded monitor. Will probably be more expensive than my Liliput (which I bought after seeing it here).

  10. FINALLY! A product that actually solves the problem and it does it the right way. Price will, of course be the determining factor of its success.

  11. A very interesting item! I use a 7" Jag35 LCD and it works fine. I'd love this for on camera and with the HDMI passthrough, connect the 7" LCD or larger LCD for the director's view. I use a T2i, so the battery thing would be a small issue, but otherwise... I'm very interested in this piece of kit!

  12. Greg

    @seenematic , that's an amazing monitor you posted for the price. I may have to get that one at some point and replace my 7" Thanks!

  13. Dudes,..it should support ANAMORPHIC <3

    On a side-note, are there currently any monitors or evfs other than the dp6 and the zacuto evf, that support anamorphic resolutions?

  14. In order to stand a chance in today's market, it would have to be cheaper than this one: Ruige TL-S500HD LCD Monitor

    Or in the same pricerange as the Lilliput 5" (which I own, and use more than my Manhattan 8.9" monitor), which only lacks peaking (but has plenty of controls and scaling options, and most importantly has a great display.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Cool - The DP4 is a sweet monitor with tons of features. This one wasn't going for the same market or price range.

  16. y2j

    Seems like a sweet idea, but to be honest, I would rather spend my money on a traditional monitor and have the freedom of multiple mounting possibilities than spend it and be limited to only this swivel style.

    But if it is priced nicely enough it would be something you can get in addition to a traditional monitor for when you need to go nice light and tight.

    Interested in build quality image and price, cant wait for the reviews to pile in

  17. Darius

    So what company am I buying stock shares from tomorrow? I love this concept, especially if it can target the indie filmmaker's wallet.

  18. Cool

    alright this looks great!!!! Now just image if this could hook up to your shoulder stabilizer..... it'll be like watching a TV while you walk around.....dopeness....cant wait for a price....DP4-EVF sells for $899 and Emm said it'll sell for several hundred dollars cheaper so that's a good ballpark range.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeremy - Sounds like it could be a problem, but not for most Canon DSLRs (that i'm very familiar with). From what I see though from the top image, the right hand still has access to all the video controls (even the start stop button on a 7D). The thumb still has access to the rear jog dial (shutter / ISO), and the index finger can adjust top scroll wheel (aperture) and ISO button. I'm not sure what other controls you couldn't access with the monitor in place, but if you know you'll be accessing those controls, the monitor should be positioned on the side.

  20. Jeremy

    It's all fine and dandy until you have to stop and move the monitor to get to the controls. Then it'll be a pain to adjust settings and check the monitor (that you just moved out of the way) at the same time. Maybe I'm wrong, but from the sample pics, that's what would play out.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - LOL. I want to beta test too! Oh and I totally forgot I mentioned something about a new LCD to you a while back. Well, here's a glimpse..

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Hunter - It will definitely be cheaper in price than a DP4, but it's not meant to compete. It's just a clever idea turned in to a product. We'll have to wait to see performance. I do have a bit of insight on the features that would be included..

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @RP - Sony style 'red outlines'?? Uh..do you know about this product too? Because there's some things I don't know if i'm supposed to mention...(ooops..guess that's sort of mentioning it. :X)

  24. getem


    Said it would cost several hundreds less than a dp4, so I'm guessing $200-$300 area. I will definitely buy if the resolution is top notch as well as quality. They just need to hurry up and release it, but there is some fierce competition already in the market.

  25. EXACTLY what I've been looking for, especially if it will fit a Panasonic GH2. I love the idea of being able to keep the hot shoe free for a microphone without having to resort to using overpriced cages. Add some video peaking that the GH2 is missing in video (hopefully similar to Sony's "red" outlines), and I'm sold!

  26. Holly Poop!

    You were not kidding when you told me to give it a few weeks for some super cool LCD to come out from under your sleeves!!!

    This makes me feel ok about not owning a Red Scarlet, Its gives my rig a someone of a look. I WANT IT NOW!

    Can I beta test?!?! 🙂

  27. I got the chills when I read that comment emm LOL. I'm excited to see what this thing can offer.

    This packs a lot of potential! Any idea at all when this will be commercially available as well as ball park pricing? You said it's going to be way cheaper than the DP4, which is a great sign.


  28. love it! all depends on price really.
    If I could afford one I'd most probably buy one, although I would also consider the DP4..

  29. Hi, this is a very interesting concept indeed.

    IF this unit has a versatile but also strong articulated screen, with high resolution and wide angle of view, with very important features like peaking, zebras, false color, blue only, scaling (auto/manual), customizable buttons (for quick access to presets) a quick switch between LV/Playback/Rec modes (scaling down), it can work with a battery grip and the price is even cheaper than most (or all) other options, well... then it looks too good.

    Build quality, image quality features and price will determine its own place in the market.

    Hopefully we can see more about it soon!

    Thanks for sharing this pre-release concept design.


  30. Amused Observer

    In the position shown in the illustration, it would appear to block access to camera controls. But if it does swivel, I need to see how it can articulate.

    Before any conclusions are drawn in comparison to smallHD products, I for one would have to know more about the build quality ... smallHD is priced for a reason: They are not plastic and they are also upgradeable in terms of firmware.

  31. mark london

    I like the concept, but can't say I'd buy it. I already have a 7" monitor, and I'm not sure I'd want another one there.
    I do love the HDMI lock idea, and if you don't have a monitor maybe....

  32. The LORD has spoken!!!

    Today I was looking up monitors, really looking at a 5" one, but they are either very expensive or mixed reviews (Like the Lilliput 569H five inch LCD.

    My ONLY complaint: What about people like me who use a battery grip? 🙁

    But honestly, this thing is sick. It's crazy...you think they've thought of everything and then something totally innovative comes out and it sells like crazy.


  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Nikita Pavlov - From what I know, it will be several hundred dollars cheaper than a DP4.

  34. If the price will be the same as DP4-EVF, or comparable to that (but lover than DP6), I will definitely think about it. (Still with some doubt about sunshade against EVF).

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @Thomas Reynolds - It will still work with cameras that have grips on. The unit connects via HDMI cable (behind the battery). I guess it also solves the problem of an HDMI lock so that you don't damage the one on your camera.

  36. WOW! OK right off the bat I am in love with this product but i have a few worries. I shoot with a t2i and its a good bit smaller than the 5d so i worry about mounting this thing. The other problem i see is that i shoot with a grip and that would also have to go i assume. Losing the grip isn't the end of the world i just like it for overheating reasons. Overall however this looks like a great product. If it had some of the features of higher end monitors like focus peaking and false color that would be amazing. Now i just wait to hear the price and figure out where to send my money...

  37. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Maceo - LOL. I wish I were the one to get it to market. It's not my product, but i've had some insight on it for a while. It was hush hush, because this is the first concept of it's kind. A very original idea, but i'm curious to see what people think about it. This thing will actually work with my Sony HX9V point and shoot since it can output clean HDMI, LOL. Too bad it wasn't a recording device too!

  38. Tony Maceo

    How long is it going to take for you to get it to market, emm? Price it agressive! Any way to get peaking on current Canons would be great. Oh and scaling for us 5D/Txi users.

  39. Dazer

    When? How much are we looking at? I've been wondering about an external monitor for a bit but the DP6 and those are a bit out of my budget until I get more work coming in


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