Rode Limited Edition Classic II

Rode commemorates 15 years of classic sound with a very limited edition Classic II microphone. A fine collector piece that looks as great as it sounds. Press release found below.



Wednesday October 5, 2011, Sydney Australia - To commemorate the Classic and Classic II tube microphones, RØDE has announced a custom edition of its Classic II, exclusively limited to an edition of 500 worldwide.

The release of this microphone coincides with RØDE’s decision to retire the RØDE Classic lineage, following a celebrated 15 years as the Australian microphone manufacturer’s flagship model.

At the heart of the microphones’ ‘classic sound’ is the 6072 twin triode valve, as found in most of history’s most revered transducers. The transformer, custom designed by Jensen to perfectly match the 6072, pairs with the valve to provide the signature classic warmth.

Both the Classic and Classic II capsules are hand assembled dual pressure gradient transducers, sputtered with pure gold. The microphone body is machined from solid brass and polished by hand before coating with stain nickel.

This new limited edition Classic II microphone is the most exclusive offering that RØDE has ever presented –– only 500 microphones will be crafted, and then the RØDE Classic badge will be retired into audio history.

For the very first time the RØDE Classic is finished in a lustrous matte black, with the ‘15 Years of Classic Sound’ logo proudly etched onto the microphone’s brass body to signify the microphone’s esteemed status as one of the most revered tube microphones of the last 30 years.

A second of the extremely rare 6072 twin triode tubes is supplied in a custom made, etched aluminium storage cylinder to ensure that this microphone’s classic sound will last for many years to come. A leather bound embossed collector’s coffee table book documents the history of RØDE’s flagship microphone.

RØDE’s reputation of providing outstanding product support and warranty is exemplified in the microphone’s lifetime warranty. Upon online registration the owner will receive a fully personalised titanium warranty card featuring their name and the serial number of their microphone.

The microphone’s aluminium case and power transformer are also finished in black, and marked with the commemorative logo. The included 30’ (10m) cable features double-shielded, oxygen free copper wiring with heavy duty plugs and sockets. A suspension shock mount and stand mount are also included to complete the package.

For more information on this extremely limited collector’s edition please visit


Stores should begin carrying this item soon. When the limited edition collector item microphones become available, you should be able to find it through authorized dealers like B&H (click here).

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13 thoughts on “Rode Limited Edition Classic II

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - It won't damage your sound quality, but since the Rode is self powered, you don't need to have phantom power on in the Zoom H4n. Instead of using mini to XLR, the Zoom H4n also accepts 1/4 plugs. You can step the Rode mini 3.5mm to a 1/4" plug adapter and insert it into the middle of the XLR port.

  2. J Hanna

    @ emm, one last question. if you want to send a rode videomic pro into an H4n using an XLR adapter...would that damage your sound quality. I want to be able to use the h4n feature of recording one input at one volume and the other input at another volume (only availble through xlr 1 and 2 on the h4n)
    I've been told you don't want to go from a mini plug into an xlr adapter into an xlr port... but....WHY?
    any issues with this?

  3. James

    That's outrageous! I'd rather buy a silver marker and sign my name on my own mic and call it limited edition of 1 of a kind. Sheesh!

  4. J Hanna

    @serge... no way ugly. Epic. Read: Epic. Back to the Future. Cinema classic. Come on! COME ON!

  5. SkunkWorks

    Guitar, writing, recording, mixing etc. are even a bigger passion for me than the DSLR filmmaking thing. I'm very familiar with this mic, it was used for lead vocals on some of my favorite modern rock albums. Trust me, collectors edition or not, if I got my hands on one of these babies it wouldn't sit on no shelf 😉

  6. J Hanna

    the nike back to the future shoes were sold to raise money for Michael J Fox's charity for people with parkinsons.
    If I had 3500$ to blow I'd donate to the charity and get seriously EPIC shoes.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - For music collectors it's a great item. I've seen vintage tube microphones run well over $12K easy.

  8. The economy is so bad that these people want to hype me up to get a limited edition store on a shelf never to be used collectors edition microphone.... Might as well hit me in the head with a 2 x 4 and take my money...

    But it'll work, Nike released back to the future sneakers last month with a limited edition of 1500 and they were selling for over $3500! the highest went for nearly $10,000.

  9. J Hanna

    Thanks emm!
    I think I will go with the video mic pro then.
    I'll have a boom guy, not just mic on stand, so that works for me. Directional is gooood. Tiny is good. thanks!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - The Video mic pro records in Mono and is very directional. You can cover more area with the NTG-2 if you're working with two people.

  11. J Hanna

    Silly random question emm.
    If I want to record two actors in a scene to a zoom h4n. Is the rode videomic pro JUST AS GOOD as an xlr mic like the ntg-2?
    I'm not saying is it better than a sennheiser me66. I ain't on crack. But what is the benefit when recording to a zoom h4n to use a ntg-2 over a rode videomic pro?
    Is there one? The price difference is minimal.

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