Shane Hurlbut Master Cinema Series DSLR Gear

Shane Hurlbut ASC Master Cinema Series

There's no question that Shane Hurlbut ASC knows what it takes when working with DSLRs, so he's teamed up with Letus to design a new line of DSLR gear. Click the image (above) for a video trailer, and other information quoted below.

"Over the past 3 years, my team and I have shot 2 feature films, 20 shorts and over 100 commercials on the DSLR platform. This out of the box thinking was the result of collaborating with directors Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy on the feature project "Act of Valor". We used the Canon 5D to deliver an immersive, visceral, cinematic first person perspective that intercut seamlessly with film.

As a direct result of this exploration, Hien Tu Le, owner of the Letus Corporation and I have designed a groundbreaking new gear system with film production as it's benchmark. This form factor looks and feels like a motion picture capture device that morphs effortlessly between configurations."

More information about the Master Cinema Series gear should end up at

13 thoughts on “Shane Hurlbut Master Cinema Series DSLR Gear

  1. unadog

    Heard an interview with Shane. They aren't really "copies.". The same company that makes the focus for Panavision makes their follow focus, etc

    It is really the manufacturer behind the other companies that is using their own design for another customer. Sort of how Thunderbolt is actually an Intel invention that will be on both PC & Mac, though I imagine many already think it is an Apple design.

  2. JPatrick


    Its a bummer that life after cheesy 35-dof adapters apparently consists of becoming "inspired" by other peoples products. The cage is a Viewfactor knock-off, the follow-focus is an Arri knock-off, and if you look at renders of the "Letus" matte box, it appears to be another Arri clone. (They don't show it in the video, the mattebox in the video looks like Arri LMB-5)

    They also make really sucky copies of the O'Connor grips but those are obviously too lame even for Shane to try to push.

    Ok so maybe none of the original stuff was patented but it would at least show some integrity if Shane acknowledged that none of this Letus stuff is original. I would expect that from an ASC member.

  3. Amused Observer

    C'mon, give the guy a break already.

    This constant whining about overpriced components is silly.

    Not every American company can - or cares to - compete on pricepoints with overseas companies.

    So what if Shane flaunts his ASC status ... he earned it, he can certainly use it to his advantage.

    As far as his marketing as "over the top" ... what does that mean? Because he has a slick animation promoting the product? I have seen this complaint before and it makes absolutely no sense .... would you be happy if he placed white type over black, maybe in the form of a 1950's tv commercial?

    From what I have observed, Shane has produced free tutorials on the 5D mkII and answers posts on his site and offers advice.

    He may be more brazen in his promoting his brand, but in this day and age - that's what all succesful companies aim to do.

  4. Tony Maceo

    the name alone lets you know it's not gonna be even close to the realm of the avg shooter...but if you can afford'll be a "master cinematographer". lol I guess as a whole, its good for the dSLR video industry. we'll see what they produce and for diy and asia/india to copy =)

  5. Neil

    Talk about over the top and ridiculous hyperbole... You'd think they were building a time machine or making cold fusion possible! Nope, just a bunch of anodized metal rods etc. with Maestro Hurlbut emblazoned on the side and a price that'll hurt. Still, I guess they have to find a way to pay for their advertising, right? Or is Shane saving up to put that new pool in?

  6. He couldn't have picked a worse company to do business with. I'll wait till Trusmt makes a copy and sells it for a reasonable price.

  7. Any news on that painter pole's adapter? I bet you're pretty busy with the Pico dolly, but are you going to get any more of those for sale in the near future? Kacey Enterprises has one for sale, but they're $22 each, and I was hoping for something cheaper if I'm going to get two or three. I don't know at what yours would come in.

  8. Rabi

    The idea of some overpriced rig system being "revolutionary" is just what I'd expect from someone who flaunts his ASC membership like that.

  9. Very much so over priced! are these guys kidding me?
    Everyone is a celeb right now, Philip bloom and his pocket dolly.

    Hien Tu Le has come a long way from selling DOF adapters wrapped in black electrical tape, Soon to be richer than Steve Weiss from Zacuto for sure.

    Emm you should have signed the Pico Dolly! Not to late to make it a special collectors edition!


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