Gini New Follow Focus and Lens Gears?


Yeah that's a Gini Follow Focus and of course without the finished anodizing, it looks like a prototype. See something different? Yeah no Huco gearbox. Is Gini making his own metal gears? [Thanks Kenrik]


Also what looks to be in the works is some new metal lens gears. I don't know about the rest of you, but it would be great to have an option of these new metal lens gears in that sexy Gini red. You can see more images and details following the link (click here).

find-price-button Gini Rigs Follow Focus and New Lens Gears

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alan - On eBay stuff, some sellers make ends on shipping to make up for a cheaper sale price. It really doesn't have much to do with the actual cost of shipping. I wouldn't look at 'just shipping', but look at the overall cost of the entire unit. Overall fees including shipping was probably still more affordable than other FF units that carry the same quality.

  2. Alan


    I have an 2012 production modell and I have no backlash....if someone is very "ANAL" about it...maybe he cant find a "hint" of backlash....but my version is great.

    I had many FF but the gini has the best "no backlash" feeling.

    Its only drawback its the "SIZE". Its HUGE and heavy!

    My GH2 and my F2.8 lens are so small beside this "Monster".

    Shipping is very expensive. all my orders were 1-2kg packages and i payed 90-105 US Dollars only for shipping. I dont get it because for 50 Dollars I can ship from germany to china almost 10kg???

  3. I notice some of his auctions have free shipping now but $50-$75 is NOT unreasonable for shipping a package from Korea (not China).

    I would love to know how much backlash this new follow focus has. Well built or not, I can't see the use in owning a follow focus that doesn't have low backlash as I would prefer to just put my hand on the lens gear for 'run and gun' focusing. I know the huco's have bad backlash, which is why I didn't bother with his first model. I have an old gini rig and have been very happy with it but would like to get some of his updated parts as well as the follow focus if it is a good product.

  4. I notice some of his auctions have free shipping now but $50-$75 is NOT unreasonable for shipping a package from Korea (not China).

    I would love to know how much backlash this new foll

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  6. Mike

    Do these new FF come with a marking ring?
    @Hessler I might be interested in that cage if you put it up on the classifieds.

  7. I purchased the cage + FF and I'm gonna sell the cage, but let me tell you the FF is so well built, a bit heavy but mannn so well built, I have the one with the Huko gears, not the one seen above.

  8. I got a Gini rig without FF and I emailed the guy to ask him to include a FF in the order and how much extra would be, but he's not very eager to make changes to the orders, from what I gathered. So, I'm shopping for a FF. If I'm not mistaken you were happy with that ginfinance Chinese follow focus. It was their matte box that sucked, correct?

  9. SkunkWorks

    The low price/high shipping strategy used by ebay sellers is to keep their ebay/paypal fees to a minimum.

  10. Amused Observer

    High shipping costs is typically a strategy employed by manufacturers to minimize their taxation exposure ... i.e., they lowball the (taxed) purchase price and higball the (un-taxed) shipping cost.

    The result is more yen in their pockets...

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