SmallHD DP6 – In the Queue

After posting a little something about the Zacuto EVF, a few people have been name dropping the SmallHD. Just so you know, mine arrived about a week ago, just haven't posted anything yet. But I can tell you, it rocks.... The resolution is higher than other monitors in it's price range, the menu that provides fine tuning is abundant, and the build quality with Aluminum (not plastic) body is well worth it's weight in this competitive market. I like the fact that they also update the unit via Firmware downloads, a nice touch to keep it Future Proof and Camera compatible. The reason I gave this one a go, is for the second 5D Mark II body (from refurb) that came in, and the SmallHD DP6 has some custom settings 'specifically' for the 5D Mark II. It's definitely a nice monitor for DSLRs or even for something high end like the Sony PMW-F3K.

7 thoughts on “SmallHD DP6 – In the Queue

  1. Kevin Thompson

    I got one a few weeks ago, and confirm it's awesome.

    I justified the price because I am playing with anaamorphic adapters. And DOF adapters, so I need to flip and squeeze.

    Also the false color (exposure) and focus assist are awesome.

    @Emm .. see if you can get hold of the new 4.5 inch EVF for a review.


  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Steve - This is my personal blog, and i've been the only person posting anything.

  3. HD-tography

    Ahh such a beautiful product... gear lust is kicking in... must... fight... temptation... credit... card... can't... take... any... more...

    Phew... fought that one off, hopefully we can hold out for a while longer, have a feeling something breakthrough is just on the horizon... but them smallHD's sure are purdy!

    Can't wait to hear more about your findings Emm, had our eyes on these for a while now, not much for building kits like the Manhattan LCD offerings, and these come decked out with sexy accessories! (for a price) For now we make do with the Lilliput's inferior SD resolution.

    Oh well we got a Lutus Hawk 3:2 Aluminium on the way in the mail so that should hold us till your next smallHD post pushes us over the edge...

    Thanks for the unboxing pics

  4. Diesel

    Cool Emm! I think I'd much rather have that (at least 1st) over the Zacuto EVF. Enjoy bro! Gotta get me one. LOL!

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