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After posting a little something about the Zacuto EVF, a few people have been name dropping the SmallHD. Just so you know, mine arrived about a week ago, just haven't posted anything yet. But I can tell you, it rocks.... The resolution is higher than other monitors in it's price range, the menu that provides fine tuning is abundant, and the build quality with Aluminum (not plastic) body is well worth it's weight in this competitive market. I like the fact that they also update the unit via Firmware downloads, a nice touch to keep it Future Proof and Camera compatible. The reason I gave this one a go, is for the second 5D Mark II body (from refurb) that came in, and the SmallHD DP6 has some custom settings 'specifically' for the 5D Mark II. It's definitely a nice monitor for DSLRs or even for something high end like the Sony PMW-F3K.