SmallHD DP4 EyeCup / Battery Tray update

If you didn't catch the news, SmallHD has a new eyepiece available for the DP4 EVF [Thanks Joel]. The DP4 originally was available with a Canon LP-E6 battery tray, but with the new eyepiece announcement, there is also three new battery tray options as part of the bundle. For a limited time, you can get a bundle which includes the new eyepiece, select the battery tray, a 1.5ft HDMI cable, SmallHD Cleaning Cloth, Prying tool, Screen Protector, and more for just $34 dollars following the link (click here).

SmallHD EyePiece Bundle

SmallHD DP4 Update
SmallHD DP4 New EyePiece and Battery Tray

2 thoughts on “SmallHD DP4 EyeCup / Battery Tray update

  1. J Hanna

    SOOOO MUCH info.
    I have a 60d and a lilliput 7 inch monitor which is sometimes to big.
    whats the best all around 4 or 5 inch monitor?

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