Opteka Double Shoe Bracket

Opteka releases a dual cold shoe bracket that mounts to your camera's hotshoe. It's a simple way and inexpensive way to mount two accessories directly to your camera such as an LED light, microphone, or audio recorder.

Opteka-Cold-Shoe-BracketDual Cold Shoe Bracket
find-price-button Opteka Dual Cold Shoe V Bracket

The Opteka looks to have a shorter profile, but it is very similar to the Dual Light and Sound type bracket found below.
find-price-button Photo Video Dual V Bracket for Video Lights & Microphone

If you really want to load up on your hotshoe, another slightly more expensive option is the Alzo Multi Mount. This includes a microphone / portable audio recorder shock mount, 4 cold shoes, and 1/4-20 holes for even more accessories. It can be used on the camera, but we often use this type of mount on a light stand config (seen below).

Alzo Multi Mount
(above) Our Alzo Multi Mount Config

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 11.56.51 AMzoom-h4n-h1-shock-mount
find-price-button ALZO DSLR Shock Multi-Mount Accessory Bracket

6 thoughts on “Opteka Double Shoe Bracket

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @jared - The correct term would probably called cold shoe since there are no electronics on it to fire a Flash. The hot shoe of a camera has connections for flashes.

  2. jared

    I apologize for asking such a simple question but what is the difference in a hot shoe and a cold shoe?

  3. Jørgen

    Any resellers for the Alzo Multi Mount in Europe? I can't find it on eBay and Amazon.com dosen't send it to my location.
    It would be perfect for my rig 🙂

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - For one it's waaayyy cheaper. LOL. Also some accessories can't be mounted that closely together on the J-Cube. I guess it depends what you need to mount and how much you're willing to shell out to do so.

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