ContourRoam HD Sports Cam Discount

I received a few emails today regarding the ContourRoam HD cam discount code. I just went through the process and confirmed as of 8:00 a.m. this morning (pac time), it does work. Normally priced at $180 dollars, you can get the ContourROAM hands-free HD camcorder for only $89 with the following promotional code: 89ROAM89. Here's the product the code works on (click here).

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14 thoughts on “ContourRoam HD Sports Cam Discount

  1. jjj

    this is to pecx . where on contour support forums is the older firmware version 1.01 located. i have been searching for a long time and can not locate it

  2. Jim Chisholm

    I upgraded the firmware - I'm not really planning on using any sound, so I haven't tested it - but, if I get a chance I'll try and test it out to see - my initial impression was that the sound seemed better than from a GoPro.

  3. Jim Chisholm

    Just received mine - so far happy with what it is - I was kind of looking for a GoPro that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb so much in other footage shot at the same time. The streamlined Contour seems like it will draw a lot less attention to itself when it gets into the shots of other cameras. Also being able to rotate the lens to level seems pretty cool.

    I got a GoPro from Woot for $129, so I'll be able to compare the 2 and see wich works better in the field.

  4. pecx

    Ok, I bought the Contour Roam 2days ago and it arrived.

    First, it come with fw 1.02 the 60fps hack does not work. Confirmed.

    Second, the sound it very quiet. I would say do not expect any sound on it. This issue listed under common issue on the support forum.

    Overall, I'm still happy with it. It served my propose.
    The only thing I missed was if I use Mastercard to pay on Amazon I get $10 cash back.!!!

  5. Harold

    Ok, just ordered one using the promotional code and got it for 89.00 total. I just could not resist at that price. I have seen enough online footage to convince that, while maybe not quite as good at the GoPro, at $89 it's a true steal. Thanks for the heads-up Emm. Now I just have to drill a hole in the ice here in WI or wait 'til spring and trout fishing.

    Harold House

  6. Sam

    I just bought the ContourHD yesterday. I'm thinking this may be a good backup or secondary cam. No 60fps or replaceable battery are big drawbacks, but $89 for a good HD camera is pretty nice.

  7. The built in battery was the big killer for me. I think this sale might be a sign of this models popularity... or lack there of.

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