Canon EOS 7D Mark II 1080p 60

So Canon's latest 7D Mark II has arrived (in stock now here) and they're pushing hard mainly marketing towards still photographers. It's actually quite an amazing camera for sports and action photos, but some may say it falls a bit short in the video market compared to the new offerings by Sony and Panasonic.

Yet mainly because of the image quality and color that can be achieved from Canon DSLRs, there are still many videographers who just can't let go of their Canon 5D Mark IIIs. The main gripe has been to at least upgrade to a camera that can add 1080p @60fps to their existing workflow. So much of a need that the latest Canon C100 Mark II at $5K+ was being heavily considered.

But now that the new Canon 7D Mark II offers 1080/60p at just $2149, offers excellent AF in video mode, and also allows you to attach an external HDMI Recorder to capture a higher quality ProRes, this might be a camera to fill that void for another year or two until Canon can finally release a proper 4K DSLR camera.

Canon's pretty smart about releasing just enough features to make it interesting enough for production teams running around with several Canon DSLRs, but not enough features to step into their high end Cinema market. I know a few people who already have eyes on this camera. For more information about the new 7D Mark II (click here).

Canon 7D Mark II
find-price-button Canon EOS 7D Mark II - via B&HPhoto

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6 thoughts on “Canon EOS 7D Mark II 1080p 60

  1. vladbox

    I must say that w the same characteristics of the C100, why would anyone shoot AVCHD? BTW for detractors, I do have a GH4, verrry nice camera, but my trusty 7D (5 years old mind you) many of my clients love the color rendering that this camera delivers, and still top notch for still commercial photography. For me its hard to let it go.

  2. Ben Ericson

    @Tom - The mkiii I still performs very well. You get native canon EF lens support, as well as amazing lowlight and very nice stills, (both of which lack with the gh4.)

    I own a gh4 and bmpcc, but if I am doing a side gig, I borrow a mkiii. I'm actually interested in the c100mkii. The canon cameras actually produce very nice colors with very nice skin tones.

    The gh4 has features, but when most deliverables are 1080p30, the mkiii still holds up. The gh4 can look nice, and especially the black magic cameras, but straight out of the camera, the canons just shine.

  3. Tom

    Earl Studios - I left Canon a while ago, which is sad because It was such a great brand. But the GH4 has allowed me to make more money than any other camera I have owned, The feature set is amazing and I have noticed a huge improvement in production quality. No Magic Lantern needed, its 4K, has slow mo if I need it. This 7D II will be a brick to many people.

  4. I have yet to see any sort of video tests with this camera or any mention of its moire/aliasing/rolling shutter issues. so thats what i'm waiting on before I do anything. I jumped on the 6d and now it sits like a brick on my desk.

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